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How To Organize Your Swimwear This Summer

by Invitado
Here are some easy organizing tips for making sure your swimsuits stay organized and 
your summer pool days are a breeze.   

 One Pieces 

  • You can hang or fold one pieces. If you are going to hang your one piece, using a hanger with two clips on it to ensure the straps stay in place is an effective option. It will also arrange the bathing suits in a very organized line. However, if it’s easier for you to simply fold the bathing suit over a ribbed hanger, that works just as great!
  • When figuring out where to hang your one pieces in your closet system, they will fit perfectly in a double hang closet unit with two bars. Your longer pieces such as cover ups, skirts and sundresses will organize nicely in a tall long hang unit with a single bar.

 Two Pieces 

  • When organizing your two pieces, the goal is to make sure they are always organized in a set. The worst feeling is when you are eager to head to the beach for the day and everything is mis-matched and you are rushing and stressed. Organize all your two pieces into sets.
  • You can fold the bottoms in half and simply lay the top piece over it for an easy organizing system!
  • You can fold the bottoms in half and then one more time to create that accordion file look, and then fold the top piece in half and place in your drawer.
  • You can use hangers with a ribbed bottom to drape the bottoms on and then use the two clips for the top piece.
  • This is your closet and your summer! All of these options will work. Pick which one makes your life easiest.

Mens Trunks 

  • You can absolutely hang men’s bathing suits. If you want it to have a clean and slim look, use hangers that have two clips on them. The bathing suit will be vertical and create a neat file look.
  • You can also use a hanger that has a bottom rib on it and fold the bathing suit trunk over it. This works great as well also, but it will look a bit bulkier. It completely depends on how many suits you have and what look you wish to have. If you fold it over just make sure you fold it like you would a pant suit. Start from the bottom, flip it over, align the bottom pant line and then fold over the hanger.

And if you want to make it easy-peasy, fold your bathing suit trunks. When folding you can simply fold in half and place it in the drawer or on your shelf, or you can take it one step further and fold it in an accordion file system.

You simply fold in half, fold it upward, and then fold one more time to create a neat stacking swim trunk. These will stack beautifully in your closet or dresser drawers.


Remember, it is not about being perfect. You do not need to fold everything perfectly. The goal is for you to create an organized closet which leads to smoother and more enjoyable summer days. Focus on the end goal which is to make sure all your bathing suits are in one place together, and not dumped in a messy pile. However, you go about folding, hanging, file system etc.… doesn’t matter because the most important thing is you are putting in the time to live an organized life.

Now go get organized!

About Christina Giaquinto

Christina Giaquinto is a Professional Organizer and Brand Ambassador for Modular Closets  https://www.modularclosets.com 

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