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Telemundo Presents ¡Niños Enjaulados! @EstilosBlog

by Colaborador EMedia
Dra. Polo @EstilosBlog

Dra. Polo @EstilosBlog

Telemundo presents ¡Niños enjaulados! A través de mis ojos con la Dra. Polo” (Children detained! Through my eyes with Dr. Polo), a special airing live from McAllen, Texas, where Dr. Ana Maria Polo explores the human side of the situation of immigrants and the recent separation of children from their parents at the immigration detention centers at the border, this Sunday, June 24 at 8pm/7c. Dr. Polo will focus on the social effect, the psychological trauma and the future of these kids.

Through conversations with family members, representatives and experts in the subject, the special will look into the legal ramifications and the effect of the new executive order signed by the president.

Dr. Ana Maria Polo is one of the most prominent and influential figures in Hispanic television. With over 15 years of experience in the television industry, her name exemplifies commitment and support for the Hispanic community, not only in the United States but also in Latin America.

Dra. Polo serves as an Ambassador for Telemundo’s award-winning corporate social responsibility initiative El Poder En Ti, which focuses on empowerment and knowledge to inform, inspire and engage our local communities. Her powerful and distinct personality have also made her a spokesperson and a defendant of important issues affecting the Hispanic community, such as the fight against cancer, domestic violence and discrimination against minorities.


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