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The Top Social Media Influencers Over 65

Never “Too Old” For Social Media

by Colaborador EMedia

Written by Alex Rivera

Over 54% of seniors over 65 consider themselves at least “pretty good” at using social media

Every year, the older generation continues to prove that 65 is the new 30. Defying expectations from those younger than them, those over 65 use social media more every year. As of February 2021, 45% of people aged 65 or older say they use some form of social media, from Facebook to Twitter to TikTok. And while the older generation gets more tech-savvy every day, like a fine wine, their influence on the world gets better with age.

Although seniors may still use their mobile devices to FaceTime with their family or enroll in insurance, these days, their Instagram and Facebook feeds also occupy much of their screen time. Who are they watching, and how are they engaging with them? The experts at MedicareHealthPlans.com wanted to know which influencers over 65 were taking over the social world. They also wanted to understand how today’s seniors participate in social media. Whether you’re part of the 45% that uses social media or not, these results may give you an insight into the world of “granfluencers” and social media as a whole.

You Get an Influencer, and You Get an Influencer!

The entertainment industry has a strong influence on the general public, from movies to music and everything in between. Unsurprisingly, actors and musicians dominated this list of “granfluencers” on social media. Check out which names over 65 influence the online community the most based on their follower count. You never know—you may find someone you’d like to subscribe to.

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