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The Messi Effect In Miami

Miami's Betting Scene Gets a Sporting Makeover

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Lionel Messi’s transition to Miami is a sporting highlight and a fascinating blend of sports, culture, and betting


As Lionel Messi waves goodbye to Barcelona’s architectural wonders and embraces Miami’s sandy shores, Miami and South Florida gamblers are embracing him in a way never seen, according to Tim Williams, director of public affairs for the original online sportsbook, BetUS.com, which is doing its part to ensure that Messi-mania extends beyond the football pitch and into the heart of Miami’s vibrant life.  “We are seeing an interesting in soccer that far exceeds anything in years past,” Williams says.

“Since Messi’s move, we’ve seen a significant uptick in soccer-related bets among our customers,” Williams continues. “Particularly amongst our customers in southern Florida.”

But beyond the usual bets on the outcome on the pitch, the football legend’s presence in Miami has spurred an array of prop bets that delve into his potential activities in the city. From the likelihood of him visiting an Argentinean restaurant this August to the possibility of him attending an English class or even starting a Miami-inspired fashion line, the bets are as varied as they are intriguing.  “Many of these prop bets were requested by our customers, and are now available for betting after careful analysis by our oddsmakers,” Williams says.

Curious about the top five most tantalizing prop bets surrounding Messi’s Miami moves?

Let’s take a peek: 

Beachy Keen: Will Messi be beach-bound this weekend? Current odds: +130 for ‘Yes’ and -175 for ‘No’.

Taste of Home: The chances of Messi dining at a Miami-based Argentinean restaurant this month? Odds: -105 for ‘Yes’ and -135 for ‘No’.

Instagram Day-Out: Might we see a family day-out snapshot from Messi at Jungle Island or the Miami Seaquarium? Odds suggest +170 for ‘Yes’ and -260 for ‘No’.

School Days: A possible post of Messi attending an English class this August? Odds stand at +425 for ‘Yes’ and -800 for ‘No’.

Miami Fashion: Messi potentially dabbling in Miami-inspired fashion? BetUS.com has odds at -400 for ‘Yes’ and +250 for ‘No’ for collaboration by 2024.

Note: In American betting odds, a positive number (e.g., +150) represents the amount of profit on a $100 bet. For instance, betting $100 on +150 odds would yield a $150 profit. Conversely, a negative number (e.g., -200) indicates how much you need to bet to win $100. In this example, you’d need to bet $200 to profit $100.


“On our Lionel Messi special prop bets market, you can check the latest, up-to-the-minute odds for the following 13 prop bets about Messi’s life off the pitch. Additionally, there are numerous bets centered on the game itself, such as potential records to be shattered, Messi’s likelihood of qualifying his team for the MLS playoffs, and whether Adidas will run out of Inter Miami jerseys before or after Thanksgiving,” remarked Williams.

Messi Prop Bet Description Yes No
Spotted at a Miami Beach (Aug 18-20) +130 -175
Seen at Argentinean Restaurant (August) -105 -135
Endorse Miami Eatery (60 days) +300 -500
Share Family Day-Out Picture +170 -260
Attend English Class (August) +425 -800
Attend Miami Cultural Festival (Before 2024) -900 +500
Seen with Celebrity (August 2023) -150 +110
Purchase Another Miami Property (Before 2025) -1800 +700
Comment on Miami Architecture (60 days) +140 -190
Start Community Project (Before March 2024) -260 +170
Attend Miami School for Charity (Before 2024) -140 Ev
Launch Miami-inspired Fashion Line (2024) -400 +250
Spotted at Miami Fashion Event (2023) -120 -120

While Miami has been synonymous with sun, sand, and celebrations, the addition of Messi and these riveting prop bets make it even more sensational. As Williams notes, “With Messi in Miami, the city gets a sprinkle of magic. And at BetUS.com, we’re here to ensure it translates into unparalleled entertainment for our community.”


BetUS (pronounced “Bet U.S.”) is the original online sportsbook, celebrating its 30th season serving sports fans this year.  A global pioneer established in 1994 and licensed internationally, BetUS provides a safe and secure place for sports wagering to more than one million customers around the world.

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