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South Florida Bloggers Awards 2018

by Invitado
South Florida Bloggers Awards 2018 @EstilosBlog

South Florida Bloggers Awards 2018 @EstilosBlog

t’s time to celebrate all your blogging (& vlogging) efforts. You worked, you struggled, you succeeded, you felt burnt out, you took a break, and started it all up again.

To the outside world, blogging looks easy and glamourous. We know running a blog is hard work and I’m proud of what you achieved this year.

Most importantly, I was moved to see members helping each other along the way. I saw your Kind Collaboration in so many ways. You’ve built a beautiful community where we all can thrive together and support each other.

The Blogger Union wishes to recognize this year’s outstanding South Florida Bloggers. Local bloggers enrich our community, through their passion and hard work, they highlight great ideas and unique voices.

The South Florida Bloggers Awards Ceremony is a night to be inspired by the top bloggers in the area and a way to celebrate the entire community’s accomplishments in 2018.

Paola Mendez
Founder, The Blogger Union

How It Works
South Florida Bloggers Awards website: thebloggerawards.com


Anyone can nominate his or her favorite blogger per category via the Nomination Page. Once the nominee is confirmed as a member of the South Florida Bloggers, the nominee will be added to the appropriate category voting-page.


Voting starts on October 1, 2018. You can vote for your favorite bloggers per category as many times as you like until the polls close at midnight EST on December 15, 2018.


The five bloggers with the highest number of votes will be the official nominees per category. A panel of judges will then review each nominee and select the winner of the category.
Awards Ceremony.

The winners of the South Florida Bloggers Awards 2018 will be announced at the awards ceremony on January 13, 2019. More details are coming soon!


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