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Top 10 Real Estate News:

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Top 10 Affordable US Beach Towns
Some US beach towns are still affordable. According to a recent report from Realtor.com, Pascagoula, a small town on Mississippi’s Gulf Shore, is the most affordable US beach town with a median price of $164,900. Atlantic City, New Jersey is #2 with a median price of $239,000. Deerfield, Florida is #3 with a median price of $239,950.

Western White House Going To Auction
A home in Hillsborough, California that is a replica of the White House is going to auction. With 24,000 square feet, including an exact replica of the Oval Office, the Bay Area home is known as the ‘Western White House.’ It is currently listed at $36.9 million.

US Home Prices Hit All-Time Highs – Again
US home prices hit another record high in April, up 6.5% since 2023 – the ninth all-time high in the last year. The cities with the biggest gains were San Diego (up 11.1%), New York (9.2%), Cleveland (8.8%) and Los Angeles (8.8%). Prices for Miami condos rose 9% to $444,000, and home prices went up 9% to $654,000.

Katy Perry Wins LA House Battle
After four years of arguments and litigation, Katy Perry has finally won control of the Montecito home she bought from a wealthy car dealer, Carl Westcott, for $15 million. Soon after Katy signed on the deal, Westcott changed his mind and tried to cancel. A judge recently ruled in Katy’s favor and ordered Westcott to honor the contract and also pay damages.

So You Want To Be a Luxury Real Estate Agent
In a recent survey of 3,000 people to determine what job occupations people would choose, luxury real estate agent was one of the top choices. Other desired jobs include wildlife photographer, chocolatier and adventure tour guide.

Cities Where Homes Are Still a Bargain
Home buyers looking for a bargain might want to consider Toledo, Ohio; Oxnard, California or Rochester, New York where prices are still a good deal. Home prices in Toledo are about $200,000 less than the national average of $424,900.

Rudy Canceled – Relists New York Townhome
Soon after his radio show on WABC was canceled, Rudy Giuliani relisted his New York townhome with a $400,000 discount. He was originally asking $6.5 million for the Upper East Side three-bedroom apartment in 2023 but reduced it, delisted it, and it is now back on the market at $5.7 million.

The Newest Luxury Home Feature: Gun Ranges
Move over water views, infinity-edge pools, spas and Miele appliances; more and more luxury homes include an onsite gun range as a home feature.

‘Home Alone’ Movie Mansion For Sale
The Winnetka, Illinois home seen as Kevin McAllister’s family home in the movie “Home Alone” is for sale at $5.25 million. The suburban Chicago home, which was built in 1921 with over 9,100 square feet, five bedrooms, and six baths, has been updated since the 1990 movie was made but still retains the classic American traditional style. New additions to the home include a movie theater, a sunroom, and a sports court in the basement.

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