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Actor Michel Brown as Detective “Alejandro Falco” Who After Being in a Coma for Over 23 Years Wakes Up to Solve the Most Important Case of His Life

Telemundo continues with its Premium Series on Sunday nights with the premiere of new crime drama “Falco,” based on the worldwide hit The Last Cop, coming for the first time to U.S. Hispanic television on July 22 at 9pm/8c.


Mira Un Adelanto De La Nueva Serie De Telemundo 

Produced by Spiral International and Dynamo, and under the direction of Ernesto Contreras, winner of 19 awards at international film festivals, “Falco” features renowned actor Michel Brown (La Querida del Centauro and Pasión de Gavilanes), who recently won a 2018 International Emmy Award for the HBO series Mr. Ávila, in the role of detective Alejandro Falco. To meet the lead cast, click here.

“Falco” is a scripted drama about Falco, a young and promising homicide detective, married and with a newborn girl. Skilled and clever, Falco is also impulsive and unpredictable. During a hectic chase, he is shot in the head and goes into a coma. He wakes up 23 years later to find his wife is married to another man and his daughter is a grown up woman.

The world around him has changed. He has no idea how to use the internet, never heard of cell phones and the rock music he used to enjoy is now considered “classic.” Falco manages to get his old detective job back and begins to solve cases using “old techniques.”

He has not lost his detective techniques or his irreverence and has to learn to work with his new partner, to accept her daughter’s boyfriend and even work with his former wife’s new husband, who, to Falco’s misfortune, will prove to be a great professional ally. Both Falco and his team will struggle to adjust to each other as he tries to perform his job while trying to figure out what happened that night, twenty years ago.


The star-studded cast also includes Hoze Meléndez, Marina de Tavira, Enrique Arreola, Karina Gidi, Danae Reynaud, Mauricio Garcia Lozano, Manuel Poncelis, Juan Carlos Colombo, Fatima Molina and Fatima Molina, among others, introducing a new case in each episode that “Falco” needs to solve while discovering who shot him and why that night when he fell into a coma.


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