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Favorite Netflix Show In 2020

by Invitado
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Netflix continues to dominate the streaming service scene, with 193 million viewers and over $20 billion in revenue (as of 2019).1 To keep growing, Netflix planned on adding as many as 113 new Netflix shows in 2020. With so many streaming choices, the temperatures cooling down, and more people staying in, we had to find out what America was watching in 2020.

The Umbrella Academy is America’s most popular Netflix show

For the second year in a row, the most popular Netflix show in America was The Umbrella Academy, which picked up the most search volume in seventeen states.

The Umbrella Academy was nominated for two Emmy’s and has won or been nominated for dozens of other awards.2 On Rotten Tomatoes, the show earned an 82% critic’s score and an 87% audience approval.3 And fans watched over 3 billion minutes of the superhero series during the first week of the season 2 release. So, if you still haven’t seen The Umbrella Academy, hop on the bandwagon. This superpowered show adapted from Gerard Way’s comic books is more than okay (we promise!).

Netflix Originals took over

Americans searched for The Umbrella AcademyBlack Mirror, and Orange Is the New Black more than any other shows, which proves Netflix Originals have taken over.

Although Black Mirror started as a BBC original, Netflix bought the rights for season 3 and beyond. Peaky Blinders, which was the favorite in Massachusetts, also first premiered on BBC but was later picked up by Netflix.

Only four non-Netflix Originals made the top-search for states: Breaking Bad from AMC won in New Mexico, where Walt and Jessie reigned as chemical kings. Oregon searched for Community from NBC, New Hampshire likes New Girl (FOX), and Georgia’s feeling peachy searching for Schitt’s Creek (CBC).

Tiger King isn’t going away anytime soon

Joe Exotic and Carole Baskins are still stealing the show in Kansas and Oklahoma, seven months after the release of Tiger King. But should we be surprised that such a chaotic and popular show is still making waves?

With more spin-offs coming out in the future—seemingly more for entertainment than preservation awareness—will we ever see real justice for the animals these people claim to love?

GLOW can no longer go

One of the most popular shows, GLOW, has been canceled during the pandemic due to filming restrictions.6 The women’s wrestling show was the favorite in five states, but, unfortunately, it looks like it’s been knocked out of the ring permanently.

What are you going to watch next on Netflix?

Does your favorite Netflix show match your state’s? Share this article with your friends on Facebook and see what they’re watching.

America’s Favorite Netflix Shows Of 2020

State Netflix show
Alabama GLOW
Alaska The Umbrella Academy
Arizona The Umbrella Academy
Arkansas The Umbrella Academy
California Black Mirror
Colorado GLOW
Connecticut Black Mirror
Delaware Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
District of Columbia Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Florida The Umbrella Academy
Georgia Schitt’s Creek
Hawaii The Umbrella Academy
Idaho Stranger Things
Illinois Black Mirror
Indiana The Umbrella Academy
Iowa The Umbrella Academy
Kansas Tiger King
Kentucky Orange Is the New Black
Louisiana The Umbrella Academy
Maine Mindhunter
Maryland Black Mirror
Massachusetts Peaky Blinders
Michigan The Umbrella Academy
Minnesota Mindhunter
Mississippi Orange Is the New Black
Missouri Ozark
Montana GLOW
Nebraska Orange Is the New Black
Nevada The Umbrella Academy
New Hampshire New Girl
New Jersey Black Mirror
New Mexico Breaking Bad
New York Black Mirror
North Carolina The Umbrella Academy
North Dakota Orange Is the New Black
Ohio The Umbrella Academy
Oklahoma Tiger King
Oregon Community
Pennsylvania Mindhunter
Rhode Island Orange Is the New Black
South Carolina The Umbrella Academy
South Dakota Mindhunter
Tennessee The Umbrella Academy
Texas The Umbrella Academy
Utah Stranger Things
Vermont The Haunting of Hill House
Virginia The Umbrella Academy
Washington The Umbrella Academy
West Virginia GLOW
Wisconsin Orange Is the New Black
Wyoming GLOW

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