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Tips during National Hurricane Preparedness Week

by Invitado


May 6 – 12 is National Hurricane Preparedness Week, protect what matters to you with the following tips.

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As Floridians, we are no strangers to hurricanes. From June 1 to November 30, we know to keep our eyes on the weather forecasts and stock up on some extra batteries, but what else are we doing to empower and protect ourselves against hurricanes? History tells us a lack of awareness and preparation can be the most deadly factors of any hurricane disaster.

During Hurricane Preparedness Week (May 6 – 12), we encourage you to review the important measures you can take before, after, or even during a hurricane to help protect ourselves and family.

Before a Hurricane:
• Be alert to hurricane and tropical storm advisories.
• Board up windows and secure loose objects in your yard.
• Stock adequate supplies of non-perishable foods that can be eaten without cooking.
• Store drinking water in case the public water supply becomes contaminated.
• Learn community hurricane evacuation routes and how to find higher ground. Determine where you would go and how you would get there if you needed to evacuate.
• Be sure trees and shrubs around your home are well trimmed so they are more wind resistant.
• Reinforce your garage doors; if wind enters a garage it can cause dangerous and expensive structural damage.
• Check flashlights or other emergency lights to make sure they are in working condition.
• Keep a battery-operated radio on hand and maintain a supply of extra batteries.
• Fill your bathtub with extra water for flushing the toilet.
• Gas up your car and make sure you have jumper cables.
• Take an inventory of your household and videotape or photograph your entire household contents.

During a Hurricane:
• Attempt emergency road service repairs only when absolutely necessary. The best time is during the “eye” of the storm when the wind dies down.
• Stay home if your house is out of danger. Stay away from windows and glass doors.
• Stay indoors unless you’re told to evacuate.

After a Hurricane:
• Beware of damaged utilities – watch out for loose or dangling electric power lines.
• Walk and drive cautiously – debris filled streets are dangerous.
• Beware of spoiled food – food may spoil if refrigerator power is off more than a few hours.
• Do not use water until it is safe.
• Take extra precautions to prevent fire – lowered water pressure in city mains and the interruption of other services may make fire fighting extremely difficult.
• Protect your property. Make emergency repairs only when necessary, but do protect your home and valuables from further damage or theft.

In the face of any hurricane, it is essential to plan ahead. Don’t wait for the weather forecast to pinpoint a hurricane near your home. Take some time to carefully review potential problems and solutions so that you and your family will know how to cope with a violent storm.

The height of hurricane season is fast approaching, and the bottom line for everyone should continue to be preparation. You should work with your local insurance agent to determine the particular coverage you need, as well as look at ways to strengthen your home for major storms.

For more information on planning for hurricanes, visit www.ready.gov/hurricanes. Working together in preparation today will help us all be better protected tomorrow.

For more information on hurricane preparedness as well as other safety issues visit www.allstate.com

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