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Hurricane Season Resource Guide

by Invitado
This week, NOAA announced the formation of Hurricane Elsa, and storm force winds are expected to reach our coast as early as Sunday. In this email, I’m sharing vital information to limit the harm this storm may inflict on our lives and property. I recommend you save and print a copy of this email, so you have crucial phone numbers and emergency information quick at hand to be ready for this and other storms headed our way.

At the start of hurricane season, I pulled together storm and emergency preparedness experts (including representatives from NOAA, FEMA, FDEM and Broward County) to discuss forecasts for the 2021 season and how we can best prepare for a potential storm. The entire briefing can be watched here.

Hurricanes can wreak havoc and cause horrific consequences, so it is vital that every South Florida household and business create a storm plan of action, especially as we still fight a deadly virus. As we did during the 2020 hurricane season, we should include added COVID-19 precautions in this year’s hurricane preparations. Most important, that means getting vaccinated, especially if you have to shelter with others. Remember: the better we plan and prepare, the safer we will all be.

Hurricane Preparedness Checklist Hurricane Preparedness Kit
• Get vaccinated. This keeps you safer overall, especially if forced to shelter


• Sign up for local alerts and warnings, prepare a ‘go bag’ of emergency supplies


• Discuss family evacuation plan. Know where to go, how to get there, include pets


• Check in advance on family, friends, lodging availability and pet-friendly options


• Inventory key possessions, review insurance policies; video inside, outside home


• Copy and store vital documents in a safe place


• Assess vulnerable home areas, secure loose items outside, declutter drains and gutters, shutter windows and doors, and turn off propane tanks


• Charge cell phones and devices; write down emergency, family contact numbers


• Ensure car is in good working condition, with a full tank of gas

• Adequate supply of non-perishable food and drinking water (1 gallon per person, per day), and prescription drugs. Don’t forget pet food, water, and medicines


• Can opener, scissors, matches, candles, battery-run radio, flashlight, batteries


• First aid items, soap, cleaning and disinfectant supplies


• Two cloth face masks for each household member over two years old, hand sanitizer with an alcohol content of at least 60%, and disinfectant wipes


• Cash or traveler’s checks and waterproof, portable container for vital documents


• Clean clothes for seven days


• Hygiene, personal care items, including glasses, 1-month supply of medications


• Chargers for cell phones and devices








Important Phone Numbers and Websites

**For police, fire or medical assistance during any emergency, please dial 911**


State Broward County Miami-Dade County Federal
Florida Emergency Information Line

(800) 342-3557


































American Red Cross Hurricane Hotline

(954) 797-3800


Animal Care & Regulation

(954) 359-1313


Emergency Hotline

(954) 831-4000  or 311


Emergency Management Agency

(954) 831-3900


Broward Special Needs Registry

(954) 831-3902


AlertBroward Sign-up





















American Red Cross Hurricane Hotline

(305) 644-1200


Animal Care and Control

(305) 884-1101


Building Permit and Inspection Center

(786) 315-2424


County Office of Emergency Management

(305) 468-5400


Emergency Evacuation Assistance Program

(305) 513-7700


Miami Dade Special Needs Registry

(305) 324-2400


Special Transportation Services

(305) 630-5300


Miami-Dade Alerts Sign-up



ReadyMDC App

Apple Download

Android Download

National Hurricane Center



National Weather Service




fema.gov or (800) 621-3362



























As we prepare for an active hurricane season, please know that my office is always available to help in any way possible. You can contact my Sunrise office at (954) 845-1179 or contact me online here.

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