by Colaborador EMedia

 Wheesearch Beauty, a beauty industry start-up that removes the guesswork from makeup shopping, announced today its Wheesearch Beauty Halloween Awards.




The awards will be given each week to video creators who demonstrate their unique capabilities and creativity by participating in a series of Halloween-themed makeup challenges designed by the Wheesearch Beauty team. A grand prize winner will be announced at the beginning of November.

Beginning today, one new makeup challenge will be introduced each week throughout the month. Beauty creators are invited to produce and upload to the Wheesearch Beauty Awards platform videos in which they create the specific look called for in each challenge. Creativity is encouraged.

“One of our core missions here at Wheesearch Beauty is to support the creators in our industry and to offer them new ways of reaching and connecting with their audiences,” said Wheesearch Beauty Founder Hillary New Sinclair. “It’s with this in mind that we’re introducing the Wheesearch Beauty Halloween Awards. Our hope is that creators will use the awards as a new opportunity to show off their talents and engage with their existing fans, and that they’ll attract more followers by participating in the challenges. Additionally, makeup fans will undoubtedly find new inspiration by seeing the wide range of Halloween looks the creators come up with for each challenge.”

The first challenge begins today, October 9, 2018. Creators are invited to create an ‘Animated Characters’ look. Challenge themes for the rest of the month are: ‘Magic & Fantasy’ (beginning 10/15), ‘Glam Rock’ (10/22), and ‘Land of the Dead’ (10/29).

Wheesearch Beauty users and the creators’ friends, families and followers are invited to vote for their favorite creator or creators throughout the contest.

Users can vote once per day and must be signed up for a Wheesearch Beauty account; votes can also be boosted by voters entering a Wheepinion – quick swipes on how products look, wear and feel – on the Wheesearch Beauty platform. Weekly winners will be chosen based on the number of votes received; the Grand Prize winner will be chosen from amongst the Top 10 votes and then awarded by the Judges Panel based on creativity, teaching and more. One winner will be announced each week, and a grand prize winner will be announced November 8, 2018.

Weekly winners will each receive a $100 Sephora gift card. The grand prize winner will receive a $500 cash prize.


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