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National Back To School Prep Day

August 15

by Colaborador EMedia

By National Today

In the United States, the academic year typically has around 180 school days

National Back To School Prep Day on August 15 captures the exciting new beginning that is the start of a new school year. Whilst you have no doubt been enjoying the fruits of the summer, this day is your opportunity to begin planning for the school year ahead. Do you have all the supplies that you need? Is the homework station set up? Now’s the time to be thinking about this stuff.

For many of us, this coming school year will start on a different foot, with the pandemic meaning that there’ll be lots of virtual classes and hybrid learning. Education experts Brainly are tracking the largest school districts across the country to see what some of the most influential leaders in education will decide for their communities this fall. Take a look at the tracker to find out the latest updates.

Whatever your circumstances it’s important to prepare adequately and be organized so that everyone is set up for a successful school year, and that’s why National Back To School Prep Day is here. You’ve got this!


  1. Get School Supplies Ready

    Find out what’s on your school supply list and any other things you might want to consider purchasing. Special COVID-19 considerations may include facemasks, hand sanitizer, and blue light glasses to protect eyes while learning online.

  2. Create Your Learning Command Center

    This is a distraction-free area for your kids to do their homework and online classes whilst being able to stay completely focused. We know how hard it can be to keep kids’ attention on learning, so this is an important area that offers them everything they need such as textbooks, laptops, pens, and paper.

  3. Establish A Routine

    You don’t want the first day of school to arrive and find yourself caught unprepared. Start adjusting sleep patterns and creating a morning routine ahead of time, so when that exciting first day arrives both you and your kids are ready and raring to go.

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