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8 Apps To Boost Your Fitness And Mental Well-Being

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by Colaborador EMedia

By Nadzeya Sankovich

Are you tired of unused health apps stacking up on your phone? While traditional health apps lack interactive elements, gamification can make healthcare routines more enjoyable and immersive.

Let’s explore gamification and learn more about its benefits and scientific evidence. To enhance your healthcare experience, the Health Reporter has curated a list of 8 top-rated gamified apps.   

Understanding Gamification: Definition, Benefits, and Science

Gamification of health apps refers to the use of game design elements in non-game contexts. There are several benefits of it:

  1. Increased motivation
  2. Improved user adherence and engagement
  3. Feedback and encouragement

Studies prove that gamification improves physical activity, healthy eating, and medication adherence. Also, it optimizes chronic condition management and better weight loss outcomes.

8 Top-Rated Gamified Apps

Whether you want to improve your fitness, manage a chronic condition, or simply relax, here are fun tools for your well-being:

#1 Zombies, Run! – makes running exciting by turning it into a game about being chased by zombies.

#2 Burn Your Fat With Me!! – a workout app that uses anime characters as virtual training partners.

#3 How We Feel – a well-being journal app to help users track and understand their emotions.

#4 Hops – Journey of Tree Spirit: converts users’ daily exercise into energy used by the tree spirit

characters called Hops.

#5 Fitness RPG: Walking App Games – a retro role-playing game that combines an engaging storyline with a step tracker.

#6 Galaxy Fit – Body Control Game: simulates the player’s movements on display, showing the way of a spaceship through the universe.

#7 Dakim BrainFitness – cognitive exercise program for senior living.

#8 PlayFitt – Daily Fitness Games: detects phone movement during workouts and rewards

users with coins for power-ups.

More information about the apps and research conducted by Health Reporter

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