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50 Coolest Kids Room Decor

by Invitado

50 Coolest Kids Room Decor That Will Have You Win Parent of the Year

By: Canvasprints.com

Creating a cohesive and modern style in any room is difficult and nuanced, especially in a kid’s room!

That’s why we’ve put together our favorite products that can help you bring your kid’s room to life!

1. Custom Canvas Prints 

One of the best ways to add some extra character and a personal touch to your kid’s room is to put their favorite picture on a custom canvas print! Simply upload a photo, customize your canvas, and you’ll have a ready to hang canvas at your door in just a few clicks! Choose from over 1,000 sizes and a variety of custom canvas options!

2. Marvel 3D Night Lights

Got a little superhero superfan? Bring their favorite characters’ accessories smashing into their room with these Marvel 3D night lights! They’re super easy to install, and include a realistic wall sticker to really fool the eye. The LED lights inside stay cool and you’ll never have to worry about changing the bulbs.

3 . Floating SuperHero Shelves 

“Supershelf” is a cool invisible metal shelf that gives a ‘floating-on-air’ feeling, preventing the books from falling to the ground. The base is concealed by the books and the superhero is attached with a magnet to it to give the item its dynamic appearance. A super charming addition to your living room, bedroom or even to your office.

4. Umbra Buddy Wall Hooks

This set of 3 wall hooks features Umbra’s Buddy figurine ‘climbing the walls. When not in use, they serve as fun, unique wall decor that is sure to be a conversation starter. Then whenever you need them, they become wall-mounted coat hangers with the head, arms and legs providing a place for storage.

5. Custom Crochet Pillow

Available in a variety of styles and animals, these cute crochet pillows will let your kids cuddle up with their favorite animals!

6. Astronaut Duvet Cover 

Let your little one live an astronaut’s dream as bedtime lets them lift off into the zero-gravity adventures of space! With this astronaut set, even the stars aren’t the limit. ade with 100% real high-quality cotton, this super-soft printed duvet cover set makes every dream sweeter than ever. Sleeping once it’s bedtime has never been easier, comfier, or more fun.

7.Minion Security Camera 

With the Minion Cam HD WiFi Camera, you can stay connected to what matters most – wherever you go. Get started with an easy Bluetooth setup to unlock fun features like Minion Translator, Pet Highlight Reel, and more.

8. Children’s Elephant Stool

A great addition to any children’s playroom, this plastic molded elephant stool can be used as a chair, toy, or modern decoration. Made of environmentally friendly materials with a white matte finish, it comes with a two-year warranty

9. Shaggy Circular Round Rug 

Do you have a little one who is fond of playing on the floor? If so, This is a “must buy” for your kids! Its vivid color and furry appearance are perfect to enhance a kid’s room. Meanwhile, our plush rug also offers warmth and comfort between kids and the cold floor during their happy time! The biggest feature of this material is its amazingly soft touch especially when you walk on it. This softness comes from thousands of 1.7″ plush fibers. Besides, it also features a rubber backing to keep it stay in place.

10. Teepee Shelving Units

The original teepee-shaped look of this piece with three fixed shelves gives you added storage in a fun format that’s ideal for your little one’s room. The stripped-down style of this unit was inspired by a Scandinavian design. The neutral tones and straight lines will go nicely with any decor – A kid’s room, playroom or family room.

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