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World Wellness Weekend-Live Events

4,000 Locations in 140 Countries

by Soraya Alcalá

World Wellness Weekend (WWW), a pro-bono event promoting healthy lifestyles in alignment with the United Nations’ SDG3 “Good health and well-being for all,” is excited to announce it will be hosting a global initiative for wellness called “LIVING WELL TOGETHER,” launching Friday, September 16th, 2022, at sunrise in Fiji, until sunset Sunday, September 18th in Hawaii, coordinated by 130 volunteers or “WWW Ambassadors & Coordinators” in 900+ cities. 4,000 participating venues in 140 countries will be geolocated on the World Wellness Map for millions of people to find fun, free, inclusive group activities, classes and workshops nearby. Activities will include: Yoga, Fitness sessions, Guided Relaxations and Meditations promoting “Inner Peace & World Peace”, Cancer Aware webinars, activities in Hot Springs, traditional heat ceremonies in Saunas, Tree planting in Brazil and Vietnam, and dance classes.

WWW has partnered with the Wellness Tourism Association, where city officials and visitors’ bureaus are invited to promote their ‘Wellness Tourism’ throughout the year. With the support of 60 associations and federations such as IHRSA, ISPA, CIDESCO, and ROTARY Clubs in Latin America, venues will inspire local residents to be more active, more often, encouraging finding a fitness partner or “wellness buddy” to set goals towards longer, healthier and happier lives.

WWW has been aligned with the UNITED NATIONS since 2017 and is one of the partners of the European Week of Sports organized by the European Commission. The 5 Pillars of Wellness include: SLEEP & Creativity, NUTRITION & Immunity, MOVEMENT & Vitality, MINDFULNESS & Serenity, SENSE OF PURPOSE & Solidarity.

In the USA, Peggy Sealfon, WWW City Ambassador in Florida, Carol Phillips in California and Judi Culp Pearson in Oregon Wellness Ambassador, joined by her Coordinator Michelle Crisanti will be leading the charge on healthy lifestyles, raising awareness with different venues, including the Hot Springs Association, reaching 100+ geothermal properties from across the United States and Canada, with a collection of yoga, meditation and water-based wellness activities. The Springs Resort in Pagosa Springs, Colorado will provide a session of breathwork, stretching, and meditation around the Mother Spring.

“Wellness is not just a decision you take to improve your mental & physical health: it is also an act of influence to inspire those around you to become the best version of themselves”, says Jean-Guy de Gabriac, founder World Wellness Weekend and international wellness advisor since 2001.

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