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Retail stores open in Ohio on May 12

by Soraya Alcalá


Ensure minimum of 6 feet between people, if not possible, install barriers

  1. Ensure a minimum of 6 feet between employees and guests, and/or install physical barriers
  2. Hand sanitizers in high-contact locations.
  3. High-touch areas such as shopping carts and baskets are cleaned after each use.
  4. Set specific hours for high-risk members of the public, such as seniors
  5. Strongly recommended to wear a face covering while shopping or visiting
  6. Post social distancing signs
  7. If possible, clean merchandise before putting it on the shelves
  8. Maximum capitcity is 50 percent or less of fire code
  9. Discontinue self-service food stations and product samples
  10. Keep food courts closed

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