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Plan 30 Days Of Wellness With Onefirelight

Set goals for improving your physical health and fitness

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The New Year is the time for setting personal goals and OneFirelight just added a 30-day wellness workshop to its platform.

This year make the goal to achieve flexibility, strength and increased energy by committing to 30-days of a wellness schedule as you are guided through a daily routine.  Download the plan for free here.  OneFirelight is designed to bring a mind, body, spirit modality to the fitness space by combining the restorative effects of yoga practice, strength building of cardio/kickboxing, healing of sound meditation, and joyfulness of dance, resulting in calming the mind, strengthening the body, and uplifting the spirit.


“We are asking those interested in learning life changing skills, creating a wellness routine and carving out daily ‘me’ time each day toward better health and a calmer mind, to allow our OneFirelight wellness instructors to guide and inform you as you celebrate a new you in a new year,” says Kathryn Leary, co-founder, OneFirelight.  “The focus shouldn’t be about challenging yourself to complete a 30-day wellness program but should be about celebrating yourself for a month-long commitment of incorporating wellness and self-care into your everyday lifestyle.”

According to public-health agencies, including the World Health Organization, it is suggested that adults do at least 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes a week of vigorous-intensity or aerobic physical activity to promote health. Recently, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services updated its physical-activity guidelines in 2018 to say that any length of time could prove beneficial to overall health and well-being.

The OneFirelight wellness platform offers hundreds of classes for all levels, available in intervals of 5-10-20-45-60-minute sequences. Classes are choreographed to the music of Bob Marley, grandson Skip Marley and other conscious artists to help people increase performance and stamina during exercise, and are filmed in natural settings for stress reduction and restorative effects

You can follow the OneFirelight 30-day template or make it your own. Begin customizing an individualized 30-day wellness plan by selecting at least one class a day.

Start out with short 10-minute classes that focus on movement, breathing and stretching, such as 10 minutes of sound healing or crystal meditation and work up to a 20-minute reboot after sitting all day or a 20-minute workout focus on happy hips. Add 30 minutes of trampoline for an aerobic workout or a 30-munite body weight bootcamp.

Have fun with a 45-minute Groove dance class or a boxing series for building strength and confidence. Or create a 7-day workout schedule consisting of two consecutive days of hi-impact (HIIT or trampoline), followed by two days of low impact (stretching or Pilates) add in a day of yoga, then strength training and finally on day seven rest and restore with crystal meditation and sound healing.

Set goals for improving your physical health and fitness, enhancing mental clarity, and changing thinking patterns and negative emotions. In addition to 30-day wellness routine, you can also try OneFirelight at any time with a 3-day free guest pass at www.onefirelight.com

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