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Ohio’s Largest Hispanic Media Company

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Roland Medrano and Claudia De Leon, principals of La Mega Media, Inc. announced the acquisition of TSJ Media, which operated as La Mega radio stations and La Jornada Latina newspaper. La Mega Media’s new framework will offer a better structure and entertainment by integrating the 3 radio stations La Mega 103.1 FM in Columbus, La Mega 97.7 FM in Cincinnati, La Mega 87.7 FM in Cleveland, Newspaper La Mega Nota and the La Mega1 App, creating the largest Hispanic media platform in Ohio and neighboring states.

As part of its new brand identity, La Mega Media has adopted the slogan “Tan Latina Como Tu” (“As Latin as You”), sending the message to its audience and customers that it is owned by Hispanics who share the same language, cultural identity, experience and pride.

“Connecting with the Hispanic community is the most important change we will implement. This is not something we view as a business objective, but a priority that is part of our purpose and identity,” said Roland Medrano, CEO of La Mega Media, Inc. “We will strengthen the production of local content and programs, focusing on the Hispanic communities’ interests and needs,” added Claudia De Leon, COO of La Mega Media, Inc.

With La Mega Media new leadership and expertise in place, Medrano and De Leon will be working to better connect with the community, redesign the production structure and develop effective strategies to build engagement along with a new digital platform that provides La Mega Media customers the modern tools necessary for advertising success.


La Mega Media, Inc., headquartered in Columbus, OH, is the largest Spanish language media company in Ohio and its surrounding areas in the Midwest, that operates 3 radio stations (Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati) and newspaper with distribution throughout Ohio, Pittsburgh and North Kentucky; providing news, music, information, entertainment and education to the Spanish speaking population.

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