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New t-shirt collection Supports Milagro Center

by Soraya Alcalá

T-Shirt Collection to Benefit the Milagro Center
Helping At-Risk Youth & Their Families Launched by Donna Leah Designs


A big congrats to the class of 2020 graduates at the @MilagroCenter 🎓

As the many recent events continue to take its toll, Miami based designer Donna Leah has launched a line of t-shirts with important messages that will benefit the Milagro Center in Delray, Florida. The Milagro Center’s uniquely integrated programs focus on empowering children and their families to succeed, both in school and in life, having a resounding positive influence on the local community.

“Everyone needs to have a dream and be able to achieve it. My dream of becoming a designer has come true and I feel that now is the right time to help others. I was moved by the amazing work of the Milagro Center and the sense of empowerment they are able to provide to the people they serve. It inspired me to create this line of t-shirts that helps bring awareness to the organization and much needed funds,” says Donna Leah, founder of Donna Leah Designs.

Wishing you all a bright and successful future! Donna Leah Designs Super Hero Graphic T-Shirt gives 5% of sales back to the Milagro Center.

The first collection of benefit t-shirts will include a “Superhero” design and a “Super Chic, Super Freak, Super Hero” on white.  The shirts are soft and feature contemporary styling for children and adults. Shirts are available for $30 at Donna Leah Designs. For each shirt sold, Donna Leah Designs will donate 5% of the proceeds to the Milagro Center. Additional information about the Milagro Center can be found on their social media pages.

Donna Leah designs for her “inner superhero” by embracing a love for bold colors and styles that make an unapologetic statement.  “Donna Leah Designs sequin gowns feature a cape, and my loungewear collection features hoods that feel protective. The new t-shirt collection embraces the notions of empowerment, feeling good about yourself, and knowing that helping others is a part of who we are.  The more I learned about the Milagro Center, the more inspired I became, and created a mission to help,” says Donna Leah.


Founded in late 2018, Donna Leah Designs launched with a collection of evening gowns inspired by the power of nature and the divine. A graduate of New York’s famed Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), American born designer Donna Leah chose to base her brand in Miami where the dynamic energy of the city sparks her concepts.  For more information visit www.donnaleahdesigns.com

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