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Lancôme Redefined Luxury Shopping Experience

by Colaborador EMedia
lancome emedia

Unbelievable Virtual Stores

Lancôme EMEDIA

Lancôme EMEDIA


Lancôme presenta la increíble forma de comprar online.

Pioneros en tecnología virtual. 

Lancôme is pioneering new virtual stores around the world using XR technology, and it’s not just a one-time thing, it’s a major transformation of consumer experience as we know it. With this new and advanced technology, Lancôme is now presenting a full-scale simulation of physical experiences as an integral part of their e-commerce.

Lancôme is a part of Loreal, the #1 cosmetics and luxury group in the world. 

Here are few actual examples/XR stores:

Lancôme Experience 1 

Lancôme Experience 2

This is an environment where customers easily interact with goods and customer service representatives.

The technology behind the experience is provided by ByondXR.


We have been using ByondXR’s platform to create true-to-life immersive pop-up experiences for Lancôme consumers around the world,” says Malik Abu-Ghazaleh, Global Head of Digital Marketing, Ecommerce and CRM at Lancôme. “Working with ByondXR, we have discovered a team of talented, relentless professionals with a “can-do” attitude who managed to execute and launch our experiences beautifully and quickly. These virtual pop-ups have shown great value in terms of audience engagement and sales. Having seen the potential, I’m positive we will do many more of these with the ByondXR platform for years to come.”

Rather than collapsing amid pandemic, ByondXR leads the retail infrastructure revolution with their platform, enabling retailers to transition from physical to virtual stores within an average of four-weeks!

ByondXR was founded in 2016 by industry veterans Noam Levavi and Eran Galil with the goal 
of helping brands, wholesalers and retailers go through the critical digital transformation 
that will let them lead and excel in an ever changing environment.

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