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In Wake of Florence: New Movement Launches to Protect Forests

by Soraya Alcalá
"Stand4Forests Platform"

“Stand4Forests Platform”

In the wake of Hurricane Florence and California’s Global Climate Action Summit, over 200 organizations, scientists and elected officials will release a new “Stand4Forests Platform” demanding that forests be recognized as a necessary solution to climate change. The platform urges decision-makers to put forest protection in the U.S. on the forefront of the national climate agenda by changing the way we calculate greenhouse gas emissions to include logging; stop clearcutting our most important natural facilitators of carbon storage; and invest in communities most impacted by climate change and the logging industry.

Along with the platform, a new report will be released explaining the science behind why forests are crucial to mitigating the worst impacts of climate change; and how it may be impossible to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement without new protections in place. “Seeing the Forest: Nature’s Solution to Climate Change” demonstrates that trees are not only essential in preventing carbon from being released into the atmosphere; but that burning wood for electricity actually releases up to 50 percent more carbon dioxide than burning coal per unit of electricity – a fact often overlooked in the conversations about solutions to climate change, which focus primarily on reducing emissions from fossil fuels.

Forests are also essential for protection against flooding, such as the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Florence.

The Stand4Forests platform and list of signatories, as well as the new report, are available on an embargoed basis upon request.


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