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Get Paid $2,021 To Watch All Oscar Best Pictures

by Invitado
By Randy Harward Edited By Mikayla Rivera

Do you love movies? Good. How about graven images made of solid bronze coated in 24-karat gold and kissed with celebrity drool? Yeah? Well, do we have a job for you. In celebration of the 93rd Academy Awards, we’ll pay one lucky film buff $2,021 to watch the Best Pictures from the past 21 years!

Yeah, for real! But don’t start writing your acceptance speech; you haven’t won yet.

Who we want to hire
You don’t have to be a theater employee, film student, or filmmaker to qualify. We just want you to be these things:

  • A film fanatic
  • An active social media user
  • 18+ years of age

Eligible to work in the US
But OMG what will you wear? Since you’ll be working remotely, there’s no dress code. So don’t commission bedazzled Vera Wang PJs or anything. But if you have film-fan gear—a Sofia Coppola sleep set or Alejandro González Iñárritu horsey jammies, perhaps—that will do nicely.

What you’ll do
You’ll have one month to watch 21 movies—the Best Picture winners from 2000–2020—and share your thoughts about each film on social media.

Based on each film’s run time, this temp job should last around 46 hours, meaning you’ll earn $43.86 an hour! You won’t make that kinda scratch tearing tickets at your local art house theater. Or in your film school work-study job. Or watching movies alone at home, for free, while your short film is in “pre-production.”

What you’ll watch
See why we call it a dream job? You could get real cash money to consume these cinematic masterpieces.

2020 – Parasite (132 min.)
2019 – Green Book (130 min.)
2018 – The Shape of Water (123 min.)
2017 – Moonlight (111 min.)
2016 – Spotlight (129 min.)
2015 – Birdman (120 min.)
2014 – 12 Years a Slave (134 min.)
2013 – Argo (130 min.)
2012 – The Artist (114 min.)
2011 – The King’s Speech (119 min.)
2010 – The Hurt Locker (131 min.)
2009 – Slumdog Millionaire (123 min.)
2008 – No Country for Old Men (123 min.)
2007 – The Departed (151 min.)
2006 – Crash (115 min.)
2005 – Million Dollar Baby (133 min.)
2004 – The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (201 min.)
2003 – Chicago (113 min.)
2002 – A Beautiful Mind (140 min.)
2001 – Gladiator (171 min.)
2000 – American Beauty (122 min.)

What you’ll get
In addition to the marquee award—the 2,021 big ones—you’ll get supplies for your movie binge:

$100 Amazon gift card for film rentals (or purchases)
$100 Grubhub gift card
Oscar statue replica
Red carpet runner
4 boxes of microwave popcorn
How to apply
To apply, send us a 100-word pitch telling us why, out of all the movie-lovin’ couch creatures in the world, you’re special. It should also include the following information.

Best Picture Dream Job Application

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