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Spring Recipes With Gayo Azul Cheese

by Soraya Alcalá

Celebrate Spring With Fab-Favorite Recipes From Gayo Azul

As the nation blooms into spring, Gayo Azul® is celebrating the longer, warmer days with delicious springtime recipes for every palate. Gayo Azul® cheeses are known for their authenticity, flavor, and premium quality, offering a variety of cheeses, from the milk and creamy red wax Gouda, to the unique and versatile queso blanco. Gayo Azul® is your go-to cheese for your table, your sandwich, or baked dish this spring and beyond.

The Gayo Azul® brand has a rich heritage and a strong Dutch influence that has been a traditional staple for Caribbean Hispanics for decades, tracing its roots back to the Caribbean in the 1950s and earlier. The brand offers a range of traditional Dutch cheeses, as well as fresh white domestic cheeses. The Gayo Azul® assortment is sure to please any cheese lover with great varieties like Gouda, Queso Blanco, Edam, and Swiss that are offered in convenient sizes. Gayo Azul® can be found in your local grocer in the southeast. For a complete list, visit www.gayoazul.com

Debbie Seife, Marketing Director of FrieslandCampina Consumer Dairy, brand owner of Gayo Azul® says, “ Gayo Azul® cheeses will make a perfect addition to any at-home celebration. Known for authenticity, flavor, and premium quality, it’s no wonder why Gayo Azul® cheeses have been a staple in homes for over half a century.”

Some of the Gayo Azul® varieties include:

  • Gayo Azul® Dutch Gouda – this versatile mild and creamy cheese is excellent on a cheeseboard, in a casserole, as a topping, or used in sauces and soups. Also available in slices, it is delicious on a cold sandwich or melts beautifully in a hot one.
  • Gayo Azul® Queso Blanco – a fresh mild white cheese that holds its shape well, making it ideal for pan grilling.  It also has a nice crumbly texture and is great for topping salads, soups, and tacos.
  • Gayo Azul® Dutch Edam – this cheese is a bit firmer than Gouda, yet has a rich flavor and smooth, creamy texture.  Easy to cut on cheese boards, shred in baking dishes, and cube in salads and vegetable dishes.
  • Gayo Azul® Sliced Swiss – a rindless, European Swiss with perfect eyes and a sweet, nutty taste that works on both cold and grilled sandwiches.

Imperial Rice


  • 2 lbs. boneless chicken breast
  • 2 Tbsp concentrated powdered chicken broth or 2 chicken bouillon cubes
  • 1 large onion finely chopped
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 2 whole garlic cloves
  • 4 garlic cloves, finely chopped, divided
  • 2 Tbsp. olive oil
  • 4 cups long-grain white rice
  • 1 tsp. sweet paprika
  • 1 can (8 oz.) plain tomato sauce
  • 10 oz shredded Gayo Azul Gouda cheese
  • 1 pimento, cut into strips
  • 2 cups canned sweet peas, drained
  • Salt & Pepper to taste


Boil chicken breasts in a medium pot in 8 cups of water, chicken broth concentrate, 1/3 of the onion, 1 bay leaves and 3 cloves of garlic. Bring to a boil and cook over medium-low heat 40 minutes. Once cooked, remove chicken and strain and reserve the broth for rice cooking. Cool and shred chicken; set aside.

Start preparing the rice in a large pot. Add 1 Tbsp. olive oil, 1/3 of onion & 1 chopped clove of garlic. Add the reserved 7 cups of chicken broth from cooking the chicken (add water to equal 7 cups if needed). Incorporate the rice, 1/2 tsp. of the paprika and season to taste. Once it boils reduce heat to medium-low. Cover and cook until the rice is completely cooked according to package directions.

Meanwhile, in a large skillet add remaining oil, remaining onion, chopped garlic, paprika, bay leaf, shredded chicken & tomato sauce. Simmer 20 minutes or until the liquid evaporates.

Preheat oven 350°F. In a 13 x 9 inch baking dish sprayed with cooking spray. Measure and reserve a 1/2 cup of the chicken mixture, 1/4 cup of the peas and a few of the pimiento strips.

Dish will be layered. Spread a layer of rice in baking dish, top with the chicken mixture, then half of the cheese and the peas. Top with another layer of rice and finish by decorating the center with the reserved chicken, peas, the pimiento strips. Sprinkle with remaining cheese. Cover with aluminum foil.6

Bake 15 minutes, uncover and bake until cheeses are melted. Let stand 5 minutes before serving.

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