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Early Viewing Forecast For April 8 Total Solar Eclipse

by Soraya Alcalá
Early Viewing Forecast For April 8 Total Solar Eclipse

AccuWeather expert meteorologists have analyzed weather patterns and emerging trends to create a first look at conditions for the big show in the sky on April 8.

AccuWeather Global Weather Center

  •  Millions of Americans are planning road trips and outdoor events to witness the astronomy event of the decade.

AccuWeather’s expert meteorologists and long-range forecasters have issued an early viewing forecast along the path of totality, stretching across the United States from Texas to Maine.

“You definitely want to be looking at the sky on April 8, because if you miss the solar eclipse this year, you have to wait two decades until the next chance to see a total solar eclipse from the United States,” said AccuWeather Astronomy Expert and Meteorologist Brian Lada “That’s happening in 2044, but only in parts of Montana and the Dakotas, followed by an even more impressive total solar eclipse from California to Florida in 2045.”

What areas have the best chance for clear skies

AccuWeather Lead Long-Range Forecaster Paul Pastelok says the best locations for favorable weather during the total solar eclipse may be in Southern Texas, areas of the Ohio Valley, and the Great Lakes region.

The odds of cloudy weather are a little higher in the Mississippi Valley and Tennessee Valley.

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