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Antarctic Penguins Report

by Soraya Alcalá

Antarctic penguins @ColumnaEstilos

environmental conservation

Oceanites is taking the lead in penguin-focused messaging about climate change, so that all of us, working together, may do a better job steering our planet’s future.

Oceanites, Inc., a Washington DC based non-profit organization which has championed science-based conservation and decision making for more than 20 years, announced the release of its annual State of Antarctic Penguins 2018 report (SOAP 2018).

The report also spotlights future challenges for Antarctic penguins as they adapt to changing temperatures in the region.

The Antarctic penguins total at least 6.1 million breeding pairs nesting at 661 or more sites across the entire Antarctic continent.

The report used the most current scientific data, including 3,617 records from 108 sources of on-the-ground colony counts and satellite photo analyses.

For additional information about Oceanites please visit https://www.Oceanites.org

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