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The TeaBook Predicted All Trump Would Do

by Soraya Alcalá
The TeaBook EMEDIA

The company founder “read the tea leaves” and predicted Trump’s every move using art drawn by Mexican immigrant artist Daniel Orozco and Russian/Israeli immigrant Eli Ziv, with hidden references coming true. ImPeachMint: “Make America, America Again” The satire-filled tea designs featured on the packaging of each themed tea are both hilarious, with lesser known facts of the historical and political characters on them. These span from 3.5 years ago, return of the Cold War, White House vacancies, to 1.5 years ago, Trump’s “Lyes” dissolving the polls.

The father-son duo’s non-partisan campaign was fueled by having a replacement for GOP President Trump. He got impeached, but the GOP blocked it. So now on to “The People’s ImPeachMint” on Nov. 3rd. Register here to vote and visit shop.theteabook.com (Because of purchases, we have planted over 203 trees around the world with our partner One Tree Palnted.) Scattered on each tea bag, there are reasons and predictions of Trump’s actions. To see the art secrets click Here.

Noah compares his tea to the Presidency and says, “Because of our changing climate, tea harvesting seasons are changing, tea flavors are altered, and tea farms may have growth issues. The President doesn’t “believe” in climate change, and is trying to destroy the EPA, climate treaties, and advances in greenhouse gas reduction requirements. This could eliminate tea growing regions. Trump is allowing our waters to be polluted. He has repealed laws allowing coal to pollute rivers, streams, and lakes. He has overturned orders blocking the Keystone Pipeline and the Dakota Access Pipelines.

He continues to remove protections threatening our water for tea. Tea primarily grows in 10 countries, none are the US. If Trump continues his trade war rhetoric and more tariffs are placed on tea, like in 1773, tea may disappear from shelves in America or become so pricey we won’t be able to afford it.


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