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Storm Damage “Home Repair”

by Invitado

Modernize.com supplies guidance on how homeowners affected by storm damage can get help implementing repairs.


  • Detect and repair roof damage. This guide advises on identifying wind, water and hail damage resulting from severe storms, informs on how to work with home insurance carriers and locate a roofing contractor.


  • Tips to detect and repair window damage. This report covers assessing window damage, staying safe, reporting damage and finding a windows contractor.
  • How much do storm windows cost? Research shows low, average and high costs for storm windows, explains what homeowners should consider when evaluating replacement storm windows and more.
  • Hurricane-proof windows. This study summarizes types of shatter-resistant glazing and impact-resistant windows, including costs, rebates and tax incentives.


  • Storm door replacement. Designed to help consumers save money on storm doors, this article explains the types of storm doors available, weather and other considerations and payment options.


  • What happens to solar panels in a hurricane? This guide explains why solar panels are resilient and outlines which aspects of a solar panel installation are generally covered by home insurance plans and where supplemental policies may be important.

“Repairing hurricane damage can be daunting,” explains Gregg Hicks, vice president of Modernize.com. “We’ve prepared advice on restoring impacted roofs, windows and more in order to help homeowners avoid delays and save money.”

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