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Plastic Cutlery Crisis Solved

by Soraya Alcalá





In 2019, Los Angeles-based non-profit Habits of Waste (HoW) created a solution to the plastic cutlery crisis in our country. The company’s campaign #CutOutCutlery was successful in securing a default setting on both Uber Eats and Postmates apps that required customers to request cutlery as opposed to automatically receiving it. One year later, food delivery giants GrubHub and DoorDash still have not made the simple change to their default settings that would save millions of plastics from entering the environment every month.

Every year, over 40 billion pieces of single-use plastic cutlery are produced and discarded as waste. Not only is single-use plastic cutlery not recyclable, it’s ending up in our oceans and killing sea life. Further, it’s harming the environment by disrupting the productivity of natural systems and as these plastics break down throughout the years into micro plastics, they end up in our food and drinking water. And If these current trends of plastic waste continue, one study estimates that by 2050 the plastic waste in the ocean will outweigh the fish.

#Cutoutcutlery Campaign Saves Millions Of Plastics From Ending Up In Our Oceans

#CutOutCutlery is a win-win. Less plastic is produced, restaurants save money and consumers have a choice. Research shows that most people prefer to eat with heavier, metal utensils compared to single-use plastic. This “new normal” would save money and protect the planet without a heavy lift.

Customers can help convince Grubhub and DoorDash to join the crusade by emailing them here and requesting they install an option for plastic cutlery feature on their apps to eliminate unnecessary waste. Currently, these apps automatically provide plastic cutlery for customers ordering food delivery despite user’s unsuccessful attempts to opt-out.

Through the campaign and Morovati’s continued efforts, The University of Southern California school system eliminated all single-use plastic items in dining halls, including cutlery, plastic bags and bottles. Habits of Waste plans to extend the sustainability crusade by bringing #CutOutCutlery to universities nationwide. Additionally, Morovati is taking the campaign to the California legislature requiring all restaurants to provide single-use cutlery only by request.

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