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Online Marketplace Supporting Local Artists

by Soraya Alcalá

Doing good has never looked so good. COMMUNI(TEE) proudly announces the launch of its pioneering marketplace, designed to bring talented local artists to the attention of consumers across the country and around the world whose fashion sense is as strong as their commitment to social equality.

The platform features t-shirts, decorations, and home décor designed by up-and-coming artists from across the country. Its focus on artists from underrepresented groups is just one of the ways COMMUNI(TEE) seeks to make a difference. Each sale directly benefits the artist and gives them a chance to pay it forward: 10% of each sale, half from the artist and half from COMMUNI(TEE) itself, is set aside to fund scholarships for students from underrepresented populations.

COMMUNI(TEE) promises something for everyone. Consumers will find an impressive and growing range of bold casual wear, distinctive tapestries, eye-catching pillowcases, and other uniquely conceived items. For their part, designers looking for a national venue and an opportunity to make a buck while making a difference are invited to join COMMUNI(TEE)’s growing roster.

The marketplace’s founder, veteran public high school teacher Amaurys Valdez, created COMMUNI(TEE) to support up-and-coming artists like those he has taught over the last 11 years. “My goal,” he says, “is to connect talented artists from underrepresented communities to customers who appreciate their talents, and to help equally talented students pursue their dreams by funding post-secondary scholarships.”


COMMUNI(TEE) (http://communitee.store) is a marketplace created to empower local artists and high school students. We work with artists whose vision and talent exceed their connections in the wider worlds of design and fashion, giving them a marketplace for their boldest, most striking pieces.

Our inaugural line runs heavily to casual wear. Some of our designs are available as both women’s and men’s t-shirts; others have a more specific appeal. We want everyone who buys from COMMUNI(TEE) to be proud both of how they look and of the contribution they have made to the livelihood of an artist who otherwise may not have had a path to commercial success.

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