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Karuna Skin knows that slugging with natural, replenishing products can take this process to the next level.

Try Karuna’s step-by-step slugging method to wake up with dewy, hydrated skin.

Slugging with Karuna Skin

Step 1: Use Karuna’s Balancing Cleanser to cleanse and refresh the skin. Swipe Radiance Toner over the skin to remove any oils or remaining makeup.

Step 2: Apply Karuna’s smoothing Wake Up Eye Cream to replenish the eye area.

Step 3: Dab Lights Out Cream into the skin. This ultra-moisturizing product works while you sleep to refresh the skin from the day prior.

Step 4: Lastly, apply Sleeping Mask generously. This formula contains shea butter to lock in moisture and achieve slugging.

BRAND: Skincare Inspired By Compassion | Karuna Skin 

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