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Governor McGeachin Move to fight Mandatory Vaccination Evokes Cheers

by Soraya Alcalá

National Praise for Idaho Lt. Governor McGeachin Move to fight Mandatory Vaccination Evokes Cheers

Idaho Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin was praised today by the Alliance for Free Citizens. The organization’s Executive Director, Joshua Pratt said, “Janice McGeachin has struck a blow for liberty that all Americans, not just Idahoans, should embrace. Lt Governor McGeachin has earned the praise and thanks of all those who value an individual conscience and the freedom of choice.”

On Friday, McGeachin publicly called on the Governor of Idaho, Brad Little, and the Speaker of the House in the Idaho Legislature, Scott Bedke, to immediately convene a special session of the Legislature to outlaw mandatory vaccination by any entity in the state. The call resulted from the actions of the state’s two largest healthcare providers demanding that all employees submit to the Covid vaccination or else lose their jobs.

A tweet by McGeachin stated her clear position:

“I am calling on the Idaho Legislature to reconvene and take action to protect Idahoans from medical tyranny. No one should be forced to choose between keeping their job and undergoing an experimental medical procedure that violates their conscience.”

In her letter to Speaker Bedke, McGeachin pointed out that the Executive Order previously signed by Governor Little blocked mandatory vaccines, or so-called ‘passports’, to government employees but was silent on private corporations. To have any meaning, McGeachin asserted that such prohibitions must also apply to large employers. The letter to the Speaker can be found here.

“All too often, government officials side-step meaningful action by hiding behind the anti-liberty actions of mega corporations claiming ‘private property’ as their justification. But the rights to private property does not extend to abridging fundamental liberties. Governor Little and Speaker Bedke need to recognize this truth and immediately drop their opposition to exercise an individual’s right to conscience. Lt. Governor McGeachin, by issuing this call for action, has set herself apart as a true leader,” concluded Pratt.

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