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Florida Ranks First In Country For Parent Power In Education

by Soraya Alcalá
Florida Ranks First in Country for Parent Power in Education 

Washington, D.C.

Florida ranks first among states and earned an “A” on the 2024 Parent Power! Index, a comprehensive nationwide assessment of state programs and policies that determines the power parents have over their children’s education.

The Index was released today by the Center for Education Reform (CER). 

According to the report:

When Florida first adopted serious accountability measures and said students in failing schools could go to the private schools of their choice, the pundits predicted public education would implode. Quite the opposite occurred. The challenge was the jolt a failing system needed, and parents mobilized over the succeeding decade to embrace a wide array of diverse and innovative learning opportunities that transcend politics and give parents in every community more power than any other state to drive to ensure their kids get the education they deserve.

The Parent Power! Index is the most authoritative guide and up-to-date assessment of learning opportunities and how to utilize them beyond those currently available in traditional public education.

For nearly three decades, CER has argued that parents are the most important ally in any effort for education. “Whenever parents are engaged, change occurs. Time and time again, we’ve seen that information in the hands of parents is power,” said Jeanne Allen, CER founder and CEO.

“When parents are able to make informed decisions about their children’s education, and states and communities are permitted to offer a myriad of pathways to enable those decisions, education works better for all students,” she said.

The Index, including the interactive map, state rankings, and study methodology, can be found here.

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