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The Virtual “Calle Ocho Live Festival”

by Soraya Alcalá
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Viva Entertainment Group joins Calle Ocho Live (www.CalleOchoLive.com), the virtual stand-in for the nation’s largest and most iconic Latin music festival, is going live stream big and in style on Vivalive TV this October 4th.

Among the stars joining the growing roster of the Hispanic Heritage Month virtual festival are Gloria Estefan, Camilo, Jessi Uribe, Jorge Celedón, Soleil and Bobby Pulido. These artists join previously announced Calle Ocho Live kings Mau y Ricky, Ivy Queen, who is performing an epic virtual duet with the late Celia Cruz, and Tito Puente, Jr., who himself is performing a virtual duet with his late all-star father Tito Puente.

The roster of artists announced today represents a cross section of nationalities and music genres honoring the full musical heritage of Latinos and now include, Vivalive Tv's own exclusive artist, Soleil, Alejandro Santamaria; Barderos; Charlie Aponte; Chesca; David Kada; Drizmali; El Chacal; El Chapo de Sinoloa; El Cata; El Krisppy; El Prodigio; Fulanito; Grupo Mania; Grupo Niche; Ivanna; Jon Secada; Kyen?Es?; Leslie Shaw; Los Chiches Del Vallanato; Los Hermanos Medina; Manny Manuel; Milly Quezada; Marie Monti; Maria Pino; Neguito Borjas; N’Klabe; Oro Solido; Oscarito; Reykon; Rogelio Martinez; Srta Dayana; Spanish Harlem Orchestra; Toño Rosario; Tito Rojas; Toño Valantin; Toby Love; Tony Zucca; Yiyo Sarante; Yulien Oviedo and Willy Garcia.

Among the top brands and sponsors officially announced as of today are Heineken, Cafe Bustelo, Nickelodeon, the Florida Dairy Farmers, and the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Live stream broadcast and/or digital streaming media partners include VIVALIVE TV, Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS), People en Español, VME, HITN, Maria Marin, ORA TV, Impremedia, BronxNet, Tarima, Viva Tu Musica, Latinx Newswire, Pop Culture Newswire, and Diario Las Americas. Strategic partners of the show include Cerro Group, Dustelli Music, and The 360 Group.


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