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Best-Selling Author Chris Weatherman Releases Thrilling New Book

Exploring Home

by Soraya Alcalá
In the New Releases category on Kindle, Exploring Home stood out at #4.


    #1 – New Releases in Dystopian Fiction
    #1 – New Releases in Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction
    #1 – New Releases in Military Science Fiction
    #8 – New Releases in Science Fiction
    #25 – New Releases in Science Fiction & Fantasy

Celebrated author Chris Weatherman, known by the pen name Angery American, has unveiled the twelfth installment in his compelling Survivalist Series™ titled Exploring Home. This eagerly awaited novel is now on the shelves. Exploring Home is currently accessible on major platforms such as Amazon, Kindle, Audible, and Podium featuring narration by Duke Fontaine.

On release day, the audiobook soared to #124 in Audible Books & Originals, securing an impressive sweep of #1 positions in Best Sellers, including Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction, Military Science Fiction (Books), Dystopian Science Fiction (Audible Books & Originals), Dystopian Fiction, and #13 in Science Fiction. In the New Releases category, the audiobook dominated at #1 in Dystopian Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction, Military Science Fiction, and #8 in Science Fiction, with a notable presence at #25 in Science Fiction & Fantasy.

Podium Audio’s Publisher Victoria Gerken said, “It’s been a privilege to bring the Survivalist books to fans over the years and I know that Exploring Home and Duke Fontaine’s performance of the adventure will continue to thrill long-term fans.»

For the Kindle version, the novel made a mark on the Best Sellers list, ranking #13 in Dystopian Science Fiction (Kindle Store), #15 in Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction (Kindle Store), #16 in Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction (Books), #28 in Dystopian Fiction, and #71 in Science Fiction Adventures. Additionally, the book claimed the #2,593 spot in the overall Kindle Store’s Top 100.

In the New Releases category on Kindle, Exploring Home stood out at #4 in Dystopian Fiction, #7 in Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction, #16 in Science Fiction Adventures, and #47 in Science Fiction.

Chris Weatherman, a literary luminary with twenty-three published works, has left an indelible mark on the dystopian fiction landscape. The Survivalist Series, which took flight with Going Home, has amassed over a million copies in global sales. Notably, Engineering Home, the eleventh book in the series, claimed the top spot on the Amazon New Releases Charts in Dystopian Fiction and Dystopian Science Fiction at its debut, even reaching the second spot on the Amazon Best Seller Chart, surpassed only by George Orwell’s iconic 1984.

Beyond his literary accomplishments, Chris Weatherman is recognized for his survival skills showcased on the History Channel’s Alone series. A committed advocate for the prepper community, he crisscrosses the country to participate in expos and events dedicated to survivalism. Here, he connects with loyal readers, signs books, and occasionally delivers inspirational talks. These travels also provide opportunities for collaboration with instructors and students from diverse backgrounds, focusing on preparedness and homestead design, spanning topics from food production to security.

Drawing from his extensive two-decade career in the power industry, Chris Weatherman brings a unique perspective to his writing and speaking engagements. Having hands-on experience in building power plants and performing line work for power companies, he climbed the ranks to become the commissioning and start-up supervisor for numerous power projects, accumulating invaluable knowledge of power generation and distribution.

Today, Chris resides in Florida on the edge of the Ocala National Forest with his wife Mel, and daughter «Little Bit.»

Chris Weatherman launched the Angery American Nation Podcast in 2023. The podcast tackles contemporary issues affecting America with humor, insight, and unfiltered honesty, covering politics, social issues, current events, survival, and self-reliance. The Angery American Nation Podcast strives to foster a more informed and engaged citizenry.

Readers can expect another riveting experience with Exploring Home, and newcomers are sure to be captivated by the series and eager to delve into all twelve books. Don’t miss the chance to embark on this thrilling journey into a post-apocalyptic world.

For further details about Chris Weatherman and his latest release, Exploring Home, please visit PodiumAmazon, and AngeryAmerican.com.

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