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Artists & Actors Want Voice & Likeness Protections in AI Era


by Soraya Alcalá

100 % apoyando esta campaña. @RepMaxMiller Support The No AI FRAUD Act of 2024, protecting all of us from unauthorized AI clones and deepfakes.

Human Artistry Campaign

As AI generated deepfakes, voice clones and digital replicas become more commonplace, it is vital we protect the fundamental rights people should have to their image, likeness and voice.

The recent bipartisan No AI FRAUD Act introduction in the U.S. House of Representatives is an important step and 275+ of the most recognizable creators are already lending their support via the Human Artistry Campaign, which ran the print ad below in USA Today. Comprised of over 175 organizations from 30 countries representing various sectors of the creative community – actors, artists, athletes, musicians, songwriters and more – we believe technology can provide us exciting new tools but cannot replace human creativity, which drives culture and unites society.

Creative works shape our identity, values, and worldview. 

And there are fundamental elements of our culture that are uniquely human. Only humans are capable of communicating the endless intricacies, nuances, and complications of the human condition through art – whether it be music, performance, writing, or any other form of creativity.

Developments in artificial intelligence are exciting and could advance the world farther than we ever thought possible. But AI can never replace human expression and artistry. 

As new technologies emerge and enter such central aspects of our existence, it must be done responsibly and with respect for the irreplaceable artists, performers, and creatives who have shaped our history and will chart the next chapters of human experience.

These principles outline how we can responsibly use artificial intelligence  – to support human creativity and accomplishment with respect to the inimitable value of human artistry and expression. 

Human Artistry Campaign

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