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Sirius Dice Launches Charity Dice Series

by Soraya Alcalá

Inaugural Set Focuses on Cancer Awareness

Sirius Dice, distributed to local game stores through Alliance Game Distributors, is launching a new, limited edition Charity Dice Series today, March 3. The Series was created to build awareness for small charities and the incredible work they do. The inaugural dice set will focus on cancer awareness and will raise money for SURVIVEiT, an innovative non-profit organization that empowers those facing cancer to define their journey and face cancer on their own terms.

Founded in 2019 by Lax Chandra and Tina Trenkler, Sirius Dice aims to bring high quality dice and gaming accessories to tabletop gamers everywhere. Their focus is to support local games retailers by offering unique merchandising and display opportunities. The Charity Dice Program offers specially designed dice sets as a way to build awareness and raise money, with twenty percent of the proceeds going to partner charities. “When we learned that Sirius Dice was launching the Charity Dice Program, we wanted to do our part to help bring the gaming community together in support of the initiative,” said Charlie Tyson, President of Alliance Game Distributors, “We are proud to partner with Sirius Dice to help get the word out.”

The inaugural Cancer Awareness Dice Set was inspired by Trenkler’s experience battling Stage 3 colorectal cancer and her desire to help others going through their own cancer experiences. A cancer diagnosis is overwhelming.”, said Trenkler, “There’s too much to learn, too quickly. Feeling confident in your treatment decisions is critical. That’s why I got involved with SURVIVEiT.”

This particular, limited-edition set features one of the most unique designs Sirius has ever released. While typical dice sets may feature a specific color theme, the Cancer Awareness Dice set was purposely designed multi-colored, united by the theme of awareness for all types of cancers. Each tube contains a unique, randomized assortment of dice colors, with each clear resin die containing ¬floating cancer ribbons in one of 24 ribbon and ink colors, along with a ribbon symbol on the D20.

Proceeds from sales of this dice set will go to SURVIVEiT, a cancer patient advocate that recently launched the world’s first interactive Cancer Navigation Tool. “Since we are survivors helping patients, it was important for us to fill a void for those facing cancer today,” said Joy Rusthoven, Executive Director of SURVIVEiT.

“We decided to combine our collective experience with technology to create a comprehensive and actionable guide for navigating the entire cancer experience. We are grateful to Sirius Dice and the gaming community for supporting this critically important effort. Cancer, unfortunately, has touched most people. We are proud to expand our new tool with the help of those who know someone facing cancer today or perhaps lost someone to this disease. Together we will create a world free from the fear of cancer.”

Gamers and those interested in supporting the cause can purchase the Charity Dice Series set at their local games store starting today. Charity Dice Series sets are denoted by a fuchsia cap on the packaging. Sirius Dice will be announcing three additional sets in the Charity Series later this year. Additional information regarding the Charity Dice Series can be found here. More information on SURVIVEiT, including how to donate and get involved can be found here.

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