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Ruby Reworks Feminist Anthem “Carondelet”

by Soraya Alcalá


Ruby will release an acoustic version of Salt Peter in early spring 2021 and a brand new album in 2021 or early 2022

“Hips Tits Lips Power” is the infamous slogan Lesley Rankine coined when she was the lead singer of seminal London noise band Silverfish. It speaks to the inherent power in womanhood, as Rankine has been doing her entire career which has included being in industrial supergroup Pigface and founder of essential trip-hop project Ruby. “

Carondelet,” taken from Ruby’s 1995’s blistering breakthrough LP Salt Peter, exemplifies that tradition with lyrics that take aim at the catcalling and street harassment that women encounter on city streets every day. “How can you live with this shit going on – every day is more wrong / I feel like burning this town – I know it’s not mine / my fear is walking around – Is this all I can get now,” Rankine sings over a slow, shuffling beat.

Ruby Reworks Feminist Anthem “Carondelet” (Me Too mix) Orginally featured on Classic 1995 Trip-Hop LP Salt Peter for Bandcamp Friday

Rankine explains, “I wrote this song with Pigface [Martin Atkins], as a young woman, living in London, being sexually harassed in the street every time I left my house. I wanted to burn the city down. I was in a constant sense of defense and rage. But it was also a beautiful song, with all its harmonies and melody. It felt like an homage to my grandad, who orchestrated a male voice choir and from whom I learned about harmony and the voice and how powerful it could be. Then, when I did the first Ruby album, Salt Peter, I wanted to revisit the song and do a gentler, more personal version of it. Roll on 25 years and now I’m remaking that album. It’s probably my most important record (so far) so I thought it deserved a remake for its 25th birthday.” 

“Carondelet” is the latest in a string of releases from Salt Peter that Ruby has been putting out this year in celebration of the album’s anniversary. Other reworked singles released to date as part of the campaign include “Paraffin,” “Heidi” and “The Whole is Equal to the Sum of Its Parts”. Upon Salt Peter’s original release, Ruby commissioned a broad range of remixers including Primal Scream, Bench, Gilles Peterson, Danny Saber, the Mekons, Mira Calix, and Conor Oberst. This time around, Ruby is keeping the work in-house for a more personal touch, with Rankine overseeing production and her brother Scott Firth (PIL bassist) at the mixing board.

Aside from her work with Ruby, Rankine’s range is impressive. In addition to being invited to become the only female and early member of Pigface, the loose knit industrial noise supergroup with Trent Reznor, Skinny Puppy’s ohGr, Paul Raven of Killing Joke, and Martin Atkins of PIL, her other credits include a duet with Tom Jones on a cover of “Kung Fu Fighting” for the Jackie Chan movie “Supercop” and a Mountain Dew commercial appearance singing “Thank Heaven for Little Girls,” directed by Samuel Bayer, which premiered at the 1997 Super Bowl.

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