Rosa Parks

by Soraya Alcalá

Esta es una novela gráfica a manos de Maria Paola Pesce y Matteo Mancini centrada en la figura de esta pionera para los derechos civiles en los Estados Unidos. El libro es a color.

Fue esclarecedor aprender más sobre Rosa y cómo su coraje y fuerza iniciaron el movimiento de derechos civiles. La historia de Rosa Parks se ha contado de muchas maneras, pero esta historia gráfica es perfecta.

Montgomery, Alabama, December 1, 1955: At the end of the workday, Rosa Parks, 42, a dressmaker worker, took the 2857 bus and headed home. She sat in a middle row, but when a white passenger got on, the driver asked her to get up and give him her seat, as the rules require. «No», Rosa answers without thinking about it too much, she has no intention of getting up. That rejection makes her a heroine of black rights, committed to the fight against segregation that oppressed Alabama and other southern states, becoming the promoter of the historic bus boycott in Montgomery led by Martin Luther King.

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