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Rapper Lil Pump Woos Gamers To Fyooz

by Soraya Alcalá

Lil Pump, with over 25 million fans on social media and already a Billboard and MTV nominee, will list his #PumpCoin on Fyooz, the social money platform. #PumpCoin token holders will have an opportunity to play Call of Duty or NBA 2k21 live and 1:1 with Lil Pump.

The Lil Pump token launch follows just one week after #YachtyCoin debuted on Fyooz. Fyooz tokenizes the attention that artists receive by enabling fans to buy artist tokens and in return fans get direct, exclusive, 1:1 access. Together, Fyooz and artists are setting the stage for the mainstream adoption of digital assets, as fans globally flock to own a little piece of everyone they love, in a token.

Lil Pump (real name Gazzy Garcia) is best loved for his repetitive luxury anthem “Gucci Gang”. The track peaked at No. 3 and has since racked up more than a Billion YouTube videos, earning multi platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Garcia is known for his minimalist music and hyperactive public persona which resonates with youth culture.

Lil Pump will also create a digital work of art which will list as an NFT and be offered through the Fyooz partnership with Nifty Gateway.

Remo Prinz, CEO of Fyooz commented “Lil Pump’s coin listing is another strong endorsement from the music industry for Fyooz. Artists aren’t able to play live events, so there’s a huge need for artists and fans to find new ways to connect. Fyooz connects artists directly to their fans by giving them exclusive experiences they can’t get anywhere else. And it’s so simple. The tokenization process takes literally minutes and fans in many corners of the world can buy a token at the click of a button.”


About Fyooz
Fyooz gives fans a way to participate and gives artists a dynamic method to both generate 
new revenue streams whilst giving back to their loyal fans. Fyooz is a fully compliant,
Swiss regulated, global platform where artists, celebrities and influencers can tokenize.
On Fyooz the tokens of artists, stars or celebrities are known as Star Tokens. Once tokenized,
fans in 136 jurisdictions can download the Fyooz App and with a credit card, purchase Star Tokens. Tokens are exchangeable for other tokens or can be turned back into ‘fiat’ currency. 
Ownership of a Fyooz or Star token allows fans to participate in access
 and engage with their favourite stars.

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