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Drake’s Organic Spirits Products

by Soraya Alcalá

Drake’s Organic Spirits announced today the launch of its popular Spiked Ice freeze-and-eat adult treats at all 27 Costco locations in Japan, which owns the world’s third-largest economy and is populated by over 125 million people.

Drake’s Organic Spiked Ice freeze and eat or chill and drink popsicles feature 15% ABV and only 80 calories each. Spiked Ice is available in four flavors – Mango Rum Punch, Vodka Lemonade, Watermelon Martini and Classic Mojito – and are made with Drake’s award-winning all-organic ultra-premium vodka and white rum. They contain no artificial colors or flavors and freeze with twice the ABV as other brands.

Adhering to Japan’s strict organic standards and requirements is the biggest hurdle for overseas firms trying to get a foothold in the nation. The five certifications ensure a cleaner drinking option that comes only from the highest quality organic ingredients.

The launch of Drake’s Organic Spirits products in Japan was scheduled for earlier 2020 but delayed due to the global coronavirus pandemic. 

A complete list of Costco locations in Japan can be found at https://www.costco.co.jp/store-finder 

Drake’s Cocktail Recipes

Bloody Brilliant

  1. 2 oz. Drake’s Premium Organic Vodka

  2. 3 oz. Drake’s Handcrafted Organic Bloody Mary Mix

  3. 4 oz. beer

  4. Dash of hot sauce, pickle, celery, green olives and/or garnishes to your taste.

 Fill a pint glass with ice. Stir together, mix vodka and beer.  Garnish! Makes one cocktail.

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