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New Music From Nacional Records

by Soraya Alcalá
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New Ambar Luna EP 

Ambar Luna's debut EP CARNE is OUT NOW. Carne showcases this young Chilean rapper's rhythmic and lyrical prowess from boom bap and trap to reggaeton. It features her previously released singles “Trascender” and “222” as well as two new tracks “Cooking Potions” (beat by Spanish beatmaker Cookin Soul) and “Carne Pt. 1”.


La Dame Blanche
"La Maltratada" OUT NOW

La Dame Blanche's new single & video for "La Maltratada" is out TODAY. The song is the second single and video off of her upcoming album, "ELLA" out September 25th.

"La Maltratada” is an uplifting cry for women experiencing violence at home, something that especially now during the pandemic has risen to the surface internationally. In La Dame Blanche’s own words: “This song is the product of impotence, it's my defense against abuse. "La Maltratada" is my cry for all of the women who are victims of violence in the world."


La Dame Blanche - La Maltratada

Rizha feat. DEVA 

Rizha’s latest single “Fever Dream” is a collaboration with fellow española, DEVA. The two team up for a catchy, poppy track with a liberal sprinkling of f-bombs about her “side hoe”... ah, young love.



Niña Dioz & Hispana "Mezcal"
Out This Wednesday - September 16th
“Mezcal” is a powerful collaboration between two of Mexico’s top female rappers, Niña Dioz and Hispana (340K monthly listeners). The track is a bombastic party jam just in time to celebrate Mexico’s Fiestas Patrias
and Hispanic Heritage Month. 


Gera Demara "Besito de Amigos"
Out This Friday - September 18th

“Besito de Amigos” is the first single off of Gera Demara’s upcoming album, “De Vieja Escuela”. The album is a homage to the classic norteño sounds that Gera grew up loving and that have inspired him as a songwriter and artist.

Gera Demara is a fast rising regional Mexican star based on the U.S.-Mexico border near Mexicali. He’s the son of Latin GRAMMY-nominated artist Jerry Demara. Demara, like his father, is also an accomplished songwriter and producer, having penned singles for Chiquis, Cheli Madrid and Adriel Favela, among others.

The upcoming album De Vieja Escuela, which will be out in late October, is a mix of Norteño classics that Gera grew up with from bands like Los Tiranos del Norte, Los Bravos del Norte, Ramon Ayala and many others. It’s basically his love letter to the classic norteño sound that paved the way for the music he’s making now.


ICYMI - Nacional Records Recent Releases
... we've been busy!

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Judeline "Solo Quiero Huir"
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La Dame Blanche single and video "La Mentalista"
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Rizha and Girli's single and video "Live the Weekend" 
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