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Luxury Mushroom Retreat

Resetting Your Mind This Summer At A Luxury Mushroom Retreat Center

by Soraya Alcalá

The Journeymen are contemporary shamans that guide people through an acceleration of the ever-evolving experience of awakening awareness to universal truths and higher purpose within the entire human collective

The new Netflix docuseries “How To Change Your Mind” highlights the rising use of psychedelics around the world.  It’s something very familiar for two entrepreneurs in Canada where this experience is being brought to high achievers looking for transformation.

It’s an intensive trip that is changing the lives of those embarking on these journeys.

Rob Grover and Gary Logan are the founders of The Journeymen Collective, the company leading exclusive luxury guided shamanic retreats in the mountains of Kelowna, Canada.

They host entrepreneurs, couples, and professional teams looking for self-discovery, increased awareness, and spiritual awakening in an absolutely incredible setting.

Guiding clients through contemporary ceremonies using psilocybin, Rob and Gary offer visitors an extraordinary personalized experience that often results in accelerating attendees’ success and intentions to create a conscious impact on the world. 

Rob and Gary have over 40 years of developing their techniques and can give insight on:

  • Exploring a luxury mushroom retreat this summer and connecting to the universe
  • How journeys can remove past blocks and move us forward with mental clarity
  • Benefits of emotional clearing, healing old multi-generational patterns and trauma
  • Manifestation of the soul instead of the mind, opening up to the universe’s will
  • Nurturing your reality and integrating spiritual mindfulness into your regular life
  • Understanding the personal work that’s involved in preparing for a journey

Featured in Forbes, Bloomberg, and Entrepreneur, Rob and Gary are having a profound effect on the lives of the executives and professionals enrolling in their retreats.

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