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Keep Your Towels Fluffy With Hotel Cleaner’s Secret Tips

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Four Hotel Cleaning Secrets For Soft’n’Fluffy Towels

Four Hotel Cleaning Secrets For Soft’n’Fluffy Towels

When you step out of the shower, do you love having a large, warm, fluffy towel to wrap around you? Rather than being soft to the touch, however, old towels can sometimes be stiff and scratchy. But instead of shelling out on new towels, there are ways to give your old ones a new lease of life.

Melissa Caverly, founder of Imagine Maids, discusses expert hotel cleaners’ secret hacks to keep your towels soft and velvety.

1.  Shake Your Towels

Before putting your towels in the washing machine, shake them vigorously to loosen up the fibers. This will help the detergent be more effectively absorbed, ensuring they’ll be clean and soft by the end of the washing cycle.

Melissa says, ‘If you’re hanging them on a clothesline to dry, shake them once again before hanging to maximize the results.’

2.  Add Some White Vinegar

White vinegar is cheap and environmentally friendly, and it can prolong the lifespan of your towels, removing stains and bacteria in the process. Simply add one to three cups to the drum or fabric softener drawer.

If your towels have become crisp, it may take several washes to soften them up again. Melissa says, ‘Make sure not to overdo the vinegar. Otherwise, it could erode your washing machine’s rubber seals and hoses, causing leaks.’

3.  Dry Your Towels Correctly

Dry your towels as soon as the wash cycle is complete. It’s good to alternate between line drying and tumble drying, or combine the two; a short time on the line before using a drier can speed up the process and make your towels fluffier.

According to Melissa, ‘Putting a tennis ball in the drier is another option. This may sound odd, but by bouncing around inside the drum, the tennis ball will help keep the towel fibers soft.’

What To Avoid

Don’t use a drier too often, too hot, or too long – and never put towels on the radiator. Excessive washing powder or fabric conditioner can also cause your towels to become stiff and scratchy. Never overload your washing machine, as the towels will not wash properly.

Melissa says, ‘Hard water can also be a contributing factor. In this scenario, install a whole-home water softener or add baking soda to each wash.’

‘Remember, even if you follow all of these tips, poor-quality towels may still lose their softness. Investing in high-quality towels and caring for them correctly will ensure your towels are always soft and fluffy,’ Melissa concludes.

About Imagine Maids

Imagine Maids is a professional cleaning service based in Chicago, serving both residential and commercial clients. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, they offer a range of cleaning services tailored to individual needs, including house cleaning, office cleaning, and deep cleaning. Their certified cleaners bring all necessary supplies and equipment, ensuring a hassle-free experience for their customers.


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