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International Day Of Persons With Disabilities

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5 Facts About Disability

International Day of Persons with Disabilities




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International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3 lets us focus on challenges faced by people living with disabilities. The day doesn’t discriminate between mental and physical disabilities, and the spirit of the day is to ensure that all people in the world have equal opportunities for work, play, health, and success. People with disabilities can be and very often are contributing and valued members of society, and today is all about appreciating them.

Why do we celebrate International Day of Persons with Disabilities?

We celebrate this day to appreciate the contributions which people with disabilities make to our societies, and also to express solidarity with them in their struggle to overcome the barriers and challenges which they still face, due to stigmatization and exclusion. 

What term do we use for a disabled person?

The correct term which is accepted universally is to refer to them as a ‘person with a disability.’  By putting the person first, their humanity is more the focus, rather than their disability.

How do you describe someone with special needs?

Anyone with a disability is to be referred to as a person with a disability. They are not to be called ‘patients’, until and unless they are under the care of a medical professional or institution.


  1. Become an advocate for people living with disabilities

    Look around your community and the places you frequent. If accommodations for people living with disabilities are not in place, ask the shop owner, mall manager and/or your elected officials to install them. It’s the law.

  2. Lend a helping hand

    Sometimes just delivering medication, dropping off the mail, or picking up a few things at the grocery —simple tasks for you—will make a world of difference to someone living with a disability.

  3. Learn a new skill

    As disability is not merely limited to physical impairment, it’s important to learn more about how to communicate better with people across a range of disabilities. From learning sign language to learning the actual correct terminology to use, there are multiple ways to better engage with the individual as a whole. Find the one that best suits persons you know!


    1. Disability and poverty do go hand-in-hand

      Societies with lower incomes tend to have a higher rate of people living with disability.

    2. Women, children, and the elderly are vulnerable

      Men are less likely to develop a disability as compared to women, children, and elderly people.

    3. The age group most affected

      Some studies show that young people in the age group 10 to 19 years have the highest rate of disability.

    4. 25% of 20-year-olds are a risk

      It’s said that at least one in every four 20-year-olds is at risk of developing a disability.

    5. 9% of disabilities are due to accidents

      This means that accidents are probably the least of your worries when it comes to developing a disability.

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