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How Climate Change Contributes To Catastrophes

by Soraya Alcalá

Drought, Flood, Fire

Every year, droughts, floods, and fires impact hundreds of millions of people and cause devastating
economic losses and climate change is making these catastrophes even more dangerous.

Not in the future: NOW.

Drought, Flood, Fire describes how and why climate change is already fomenting dire consequences, and will certainly make climate disasters worse in the near future. Funk combines the latest science with compelling stories, providing a timely, accessible, and beautifully-written synopsis of this critical topic. The book describes our unique and fragile Earth system, and the negative impacts humans are having on our support systems. It then examines recent disasters,
including heat waves, extreme precipitation, hurricanes, fires, El Niños and La Niñas, and their human consequences.

By clearly describing the dangerous impacts that are already occurring, Drought, Flood, Fire provides a clarion call for social change, yet also conveys the beauty and wonder of our planet, and hope for our collective future.

About the Author
Chris Funk is an internationally renowned climate hazard scientist who develops data sets and forecasts that routinely help save lives and livelihoods around the world. His publication focus on climate and climate change, highlighting how climate science can provide opportunities for predicting natural disasters, thus helping alleviate their dire consequences.

His research has been featured in Science magazine, on TV, in mainstream print media, and on the radio. He currently directs the Climate Hazards Center at the University of California,
Santa Barbara.

Advanced Praise for Drought, Flood, Fire

Chris Funk’s Drought, Flood, Fire uses a compelling mix of storytelling and fact-finding to communicate the very real impacts we are now feeling from climate change-fueled weather  extremes. Read this book to understand the problem and learn how we can solve it. Michael Mann, author of The New Climate War and The Madhouse Effect What a nifty book! We have a beautiful planet–and we’re not taking care of it.

This book shows in compelling detail how we’ve begun to shake our home apart, and it reminds us of the very
human consequences. Climate change is not going to happen someday. It’s happening today! Bill  McKibben, author of Falter and The End of Nature Drawing on his own research in a narrative that’s both engaging and sobering, Chris Funk shows us the havoc that human-caused climate change is wreaking on the disparate landscapes and peoples of Africa and the United States — and how we can avert still-worse calamities that otherwise lie ahead. Robert Henson, author of The Thinking Person’s Guide to Climate Change

Drought, Flood, Fire
How Drought, Flood, Fire
How Climate Change Contributes to Catastrophes
By Chris Funk  Contributes to Catastrophes
By Chris Funk
ISBN 9781108839877 350 pages Hardcover/$24.95 May 2021

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