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Florida Passes New Bill Allowing Virtual Inspections

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Government entities agree virtual inspections are inexpensive and require minimal equipment

Over the past year, the world has seen a shift towards remote work, which has ushered in the use of modern technology to accomplish tasks without needing to be physically present. As construction and governmental departments have been deemed an “essential service,” Inspected, a virtual inspection software company, has seen an uptick in permitting and virtual inspections.

Florida recently passed The Florida Building Codes Act, which authorizes any government entity with the authority to enforce the Building Code to perform virtual building inspections, except for certain structural inspections. When signed by the Governor, the bill will go into effect on July 1, 2021.

“The utilization of Inspected has been growing as more companies and jurisdictions are seeing the numerous benefits of using our virtual platform. This news out of Florida is another major step towards advancing remote inspections and implementing compliance procedures for the technology across the nation,” said Anthony Perera, Founder of Inspected. “With Florida and other states embracing virtual inspections, we will continue to see others adopt similar guidelines.”

The Florida Building Codes Act defines “virtual inspection” as an inspection that uses visual or electronic aids to allow a building official or inspector to perform an inspection without having to be physically present at the job site during the inspection. The bill also requires local building code enforcement agencies to allow requests for inspections to be submitted to the local agency electronically via e-mail, electronic form, or mobile application, such as Inspected.

Inspected is designed specifically for inspectors to connect with onsite personnel to help achieve a safe alternative to in-person inspections. Inspected keeps inspections moving forward efficiently, creating a dedicated compliance solution in a centralized hub to help promote a safe workplace and focus on the health and safety of workers. Rather than relying on conventional conferencing tools, inspected provides a feature-rich centralized location for your remote virtual inspections. Our software documents the virtual inspection and provides a standardized and uniform approach.

Inspected offers an easy-to-use interface, removes the need for direct contact, the technology will help cities clear permits faster and save travel expenses, while ensuring an important revenue base continues.

For customers and contractors, it ensures projects can continue and removes uncertainty of when an inspector will be able to once again travel to personally approve the permit. A video demo of the new Inspected app can be viewed at www.inspected.com and demos are available upon request.

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