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1 In 4 Singles Want Proof Of A COVID-19 Vaccine Before A First Date

by Soraya Alcalá

Top health-related resource finds that the majority of daters are taking some precautions when meeting a potential partner 

 Testing.com, a trusted informational guide for medical lab testing and at-home screenings, has published a survey about relationships and dating habits during the COVID-19 pandemic. The organization surveyed 600 Americans aged 16 to 54.  

According to the recent report, 33% of singles have not dated since the start of the pandemic and 16% only date virtually.

For singles meeting potential partners in person, 1 in 4 require proof of a COVID-19 vaccine, 61% require masks, and 48% prefer meeting outdoors. Approximately 23% of survey respondents said they contracted COVID-19 from a first date.

“It’s no surprise that dating during COVID-19 has been challenging for single Americans to navigate,” says clinical lab scientist Adel Karsou. “Although one-third of the people we surveyed stopped dating altogether, others are taking safety precautions in order to protect themselves and others, such as requiring mask usage, proof of vaccine, or a negative covid test.” 

Testing.com conducted the study to increase awareness about dating habits among Americans during the current health crisis. The survey results were generated via the online survey platform Pollfish on March 21, 2021. To view the detailed report, please visit: https://www.testing.com/1-4-of-singles-want-proof-of-covid-19-vaccination-before-a-first-date/

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