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The Most Popular Celebrity Beauty Brands On Instagram


by Colaborador EMedia

By StyleCraze

Regarding popularity on Instagram, the Kardashians dominate the list, claiming the top 3 entries in the ranking. The Kardashians are social media royalty, so it comes as no surprise that their brands have huge social media presences, with Kylie Cosmetics placing first in the ranking, Kylie Skin second and Kim Kardashian’s SKKN by Kim in third. Kylie Cosmetics has a huge Instagram following of 26 million – which is more than the rest of the top 10 combined – Kylie Skin has 5.8 million and SKKN by Kim has 5.5 million followers.

Brand:  Celebrity:  Search volume: 
1. Kylie Cosmetics  Kylie Jenner 26,000,000
2. Kylie Skin  Kylie Jenner 5,800,000
3. SKKN by Kim  Kim Kardashian 5,500,000
4. Rare Beauty  Selena Gomez 3,200,000
5. Florence by Mills  Millie Bobby Brown 2,900,000
6. Goop  Gwyneth Paltrow 1,700,000
7. Pleasing  Harry Styles 1,300,000
8. R.E.M Beauty  Ariana Grande 1,300,000
9. Fenty Skin  Rihanna 1,000,000
10. Haus Laboratories  Lady Gaga 879,989

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