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Astronaut Terry Virts Launches ‘Down to Earth’ Podcast Series @astroterry

by Soraya Alcalá

Astronaut Terry Virts Launches ‘Down to Earth’ Podcast Series Test pilot gets down and dirty back on Earth

Down to Earth, a new weekly podcast hosted by astronaut Colonel Terry Virts, explores subjects that matter down here on planet Earth, every Wednesday.

Virts, a former NASA astronaut, author, filmmaker and speaker dives into tough topics. The podcast features in-depth conversations with dynamic guests from diverse backgrounds. Topics include newsworthy debate and discussion on science, climate, film and television, politics, entrepreneurship, sports and space.

“After appearing on NPR’s ‘Are We There Yet?’, The Comedy Cellar, The Joe Rogan Experience and more, I thought this is something I can do, that I want to do,” says Virts. “Plus, I think I’m the first astronaut to host a podcast, so hopefully this will rise to the top of the podcast charts.”

With humor and personal insight, Virts brings his own unique “cosmic perspective” to each episode.

Upcoming guests include:
● Larry Kopald, Founder of The Carbon Underground
● Eric Berger, Senior Space Editor at Ars Technica
● Professor Katie Mack, Theoretical Cosmologist and author of The End of Everything
● Chris Benninger, CEO and President of Guide Dogs for the Blind
● Jeff Corwin, Television Host, American Biologist and Wildlife Conservationist
Find the Down to Earth trailer now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play and more. The podcasts
premieres on April 7.

About Terry Virts
Retired USAF Colonel Terry Virts formed a unique perspective about planet Earth while spending over seven months in space, on the ISS, where he captured the emotion and essence of his  experience through photography. Virts is known for having taken more photos from space than any other human. He is one of the stars of the IMAX film, A Beautiful Planet and is the director of the documentary, One More Orbit. He is also the author of the National
Geographic photography book, View From Above, as well as his latest tome, How to Astronaut.

Social Channels
Instagram: @astro_terry
Twitter: @astroterry
Facebook: @astrovirts
YouTube: Astro Terry
LinkedIn: Terry Virts

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