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Together, We’ve Planted 50,000,000 Trees

by Soraya Alcalá

Tentree Plants One Tree For Every Social Share Of Its Latest Video Release About Change


tentree, the Earth’s most sustainable apparel brand, celebrates planting 50 million trees with a social media video campaign that has already gone viral – planting more than 60,000 trees and counting.

The brand’s 50 million trees video shares how big change starts small, and the impact of tree-planting on the environment, leveraging conscious consumerism to drive change. For every social media share of tentree’s video, tentree will plant one tree. For those not on shareable platforms, the video will stream on tentree’s website, and an email address can be entered to plant a tree.

To provide perspective of tree-planting and its impact, the planting of 50 million trees equates to:

  • millions of tonnes of CO2 removed from the atmosphere
  • 500,000 hours of work provided to lift entire communities out of poverty
  • 5,000 hectares of land reforested (that’s equal to 12,000 football fields)
  • Ecosystems restored around the world
  • Fewer wildfires and floods

“This isn’t about celebrating a milestone for tentree. This is a milestone for our customers, who have supported our company and allowed us to make these meaningful contributions to our planet,” said Derrick Emsley, CEO and co-founder of tentree. “Our customers are helping us change the world. We’re just the vehicle. Let’s plant some more trees.”

tentree is no stranger to using social media to help the environment and climate change initiatives. In 2019, its Instagram Double tap to plant a tree campaign became the world’s most sustainable Instagram post, planting 1 million trees as a result of the campaign.

The 50 million trees video has currently been shared by celebrities and influencers, such as Timothy Granaderos, Ava Michelle and Sam Heughan.

More than 60,000 shares of the video have happened in just 24 hours

Meaning, at least 60,000 trees (and counting) will be planted. To watch the video and share, follow tentree on Instagram @tentree or visit tentree.com. Share the video on social afterwards to ensure a tree is planted in your name. 50 million trees (and more) will have an impact for generations to come.


tentree is an earth-first lifestyle apparel brand whose mission is to plant 1 billion trees by 2030 to drastically reduce climate change. Every tentree purchase has a purpose: for each item sold, the company and its partners plant ten trees somewhere around the world. With over 50
million trees planted to date, tentree is becoming the most environmentally progressive 
sustainable apparel brand on the planet.

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